Mental Health and Wellbeing within the Workplace

Here at CT Skills, your mental health and wellbeing is very important to us. Keeping your mind healthy allows you to be happy at work and home but also work...
12 May 2023

Here at CT Skills, your mental health and wellbeing is very important to us. Keeping your mind healthy allows you to be happy at work and home but also work up to your full potential within the workplace. In this blog, we will provide you with some tips and tricks for keeping a good and healthy mind and staying well at work.

Staying active

Staying active can benefit you in many ways including boosting your self-esteem and allowing you to concentrate, look and feel much better. Try to find an activity that you enjoy and would like to do every day. This will increase your happiness and wellbeing within the workplace and at home. Going for a walk or doing a small activity at lunch or before and after work can make a huge difference when you work in an office.

Some physical activities could be:

  • Yoga
  • Going for a brisk walk, jog or run
  • Light to moderate callisthenics
  • Low-impact aerobic dancing
  • Gardening

Talking about your Feelings

Talking about your feelings with someone you trust can make a huge positive impact on your life. You can talk to close friends, your family and your colleagues. Letting yourself express your feelings and thoughts rushing through your mind can help clear and relax your head. Doing so can allow you to concentrate more at work but also feel like a weight lifted from your shoulders. You’ll notice you’ll become happier at work and able to get tasks done and completed easier and faster than normal. It will also help with the problems or struggles you speak about. Getting advice from talking is very effective and helps millions.

Keeping a Healthy Diet

Eating and drinking well can impact your life drastically. A good diet is good for your physical and mental wellbeing. Sometimes, it can be difficult to keep a good and healthy eating pattern at work. Try taking healthy packed meals or buying healthy food on your lunch to keep your brain working to its best throughout the day but also remember to keep drinking plenty of water. It will make you feel physically and mentally better! You will have more energy and you’re mood will increase.

Try to get away from your desk at lunch too to give your eyes and mind a rest from your work. We recommend you go and eat with your colleagues or try new places to eat near your office. For times you’re feeling super busy at work or feeling low and stressed, try reducing or giving up your refined sugar and caffeine intake. Try to eat regular fruits and vegetables or little snacks such as nuts or a trail mix that provides you with ready nutrients. Also, be aware that some people find public eating at work very difficult because of past or current eating disorders. So don’t put pressure on those who make different food choices or don’t want to come to work for meals and dinners.

Taking Breaks

Taking breaks is a great way to keep a relaxed mind and is good for your mental health and wellbeing. This could be a 5-minute break from what you are doing or taking your lunch break. We recommend you step away from your desk and have some fresh air or even just take a couple of minutes to look out the window taking in the scenery. These few minutes can be enough to relieve you of your stress and to give yourself time to relax. Sleep is also extremely essential to our mental health and wellbeing. You need to listen to what your body needs. Without getting enough sleep, your mental health will suffer although you might not think so. You will lose concentration, happiness and energy.

If your employer offers or recommends mental health and wellbeing days, take the offer and make sure you use these days well. It’s important to have these days to relax and re-set your mind to a positive thinking way. It can be difficult to take time and holidays off work. When we get stressed, it can be hard to take off time that we are entitled to even in the times we need them most. Try and plan periods of leave and holidays for the year so you will always have something to look forward to! However, when you are taking this time off, try to resist the temptation to check in with your work. It can interrupt and ruin the much-needed time you have off.

At CT Skills, we know mental health and wellbeing in the workplace is a crucial part of life so we hope this blog has allowed you to discover how to stay a bit more happy and healthy in the office. If you would like to discover more about mental health, we provide 6 different free online courses that can help you find out more on different topics of mental health. We also suggest you keep up to date with our FacebookLinkedIn, and Instagram to keep posted on our latest updates and news.

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