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Securing employment for Christmas with CT Skills

The festive period can be described as many things. Exciting, jolly, cold…and expensive.The prospect of budgeting for the amount of gifts and everything else in relation to Christmas can be daunting, especially if you happen to be unemployed. A survey carried out by YouGov fund discovered that 80% of survey takers worried they wouldn’t be…


Social Media Measuring and Success- Karis’ Blog

It’s time for another insight into my latest workshop with my Trainer Assessor, Lorna. This month’s workshop was based on the topic of “Social Media Measuring and Success”. In this update I’ll be breaking down the subject and explaining how businesses can embed 5 effective rules to improve their social media presence. Why should you…


CT Skills helped me secure employment: Case Study

Alex Martelli was previously working in the construction and rail industry. Wanting to improve his education in employability to gain improved chances of succeeding in interviews, he decided to seek out help. He came across CT Skills at his local Job Centre Plus where his work coach guided him towards CT Skills and helped him…


How ready is your business for Brexit?

Last week the government published its Operation Yellowhammer paper – a report that stated the government’s ‘worst case’ planning assumptions for a ‘no deal’ Brexit. In a time when it’s difficult to separate fact from fiction, one paragraph stood out to me as being a fair reflection of my experience talking to business owners: “Business…


Time for a rebrand- Karis’ blog

It’s rebrand week! CT Skills have wanted to issue a company rebrand for a few months now; the planning process has been intense. The idea was to completely revamp the website to enhance efficiency and engagement and also create modernistic, appealing visuals to interest the audience. We also wanted to modify the colour palette and…


Completing my first workshop- Karis’ Blog

11th-16th August- Introduction This week, I had my first apprenticeship workshop with my trainer assessor. Since I was exempt from two workshops, we quickly covered the first two modules, ‘The Principles of Marketing’ and ‘Claiming your space on social media’. The third module we spent the majority of the workshop on was ‘Digital Etiquette and…