Business Skills Free Online Courses

30% of new businesses fail within the first 2 years. Here at CT Skills, our Business Skills Free Online Courses can help to increase your chances of success. We currently offer five courses, including Creating a Business Start-Up, Customer Service, Principles of Team Leading, and more! To discover more about each course, click one of the buttons below.

Are You Eligible?

To ensure you are eligible for this online course, check if you align with our check list below:

Aged 19+ at the beginning of the academic year

Lived in the EU for 3 years

Available fully funded

87% of businesses report an increase in competition over the last 3 years, with an average of 25 competitors in their market. Our free online courses are valuable in teaching how to create and manage a business effectively, covering essential areas such as administration, customer service, and team leading.

Beautiful Businesswoman start small business. A woman works from home delivering parcels online

Creating a Business Start-Up

Customer service man at work

Customer Service

Business Advice

Information, Advice or Guidance

Asian women in hijab are talking on the phone, administration and operations from the new generation

Principles of Business Administration

Team Lead Pitching Project

Principles of Team Leading

Young contemporary businesswoman with laptop standing on balcony

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Benefits for Learners

Experience Fully-Flexible Learning
Experience Fully-Flexible Learning
Once enrolled on one of our business skills courses, you can study wherever and whenever suits your schedule! The learning resources will be readily accessible when you have the time to complete your learning.
Enhance Your Knowledge And Develop New Skills
Enhance Your Knowledge And Develop New Skills
By completing one of our business skills courses, you will gain the knowledge and develop applicable skills to effectively build your business and increase your chances of success.
Gain A Nationally-Recognised Qualification
Gain A Nationally-Recognised Qualification
By completing one of our business skills courses, you can earn a nationally-recognised qualification to add to your CV. This will display your ability to learn and eagerness to develop your personal and professional skills to current or future employers.

Benefits for Employers

Upskill Your Employees
Upskill Your Employees
Upskill your employees and enhance their knowledge of key areas within your business. Our courses can aid in developing customer service, business administration, and leadership skills.
Boost Staff Motivation
Boost Staff Motivation
Reinforce a 'can do' attitude among staff after being successful and rewarded in their learning, encouraging greater productivity.
Increase Job Satisfaction
Increase Job Satisfaction
By offering career development opportunities and exploration within your business, you can provide a sense of growth and personal achievement for employees.

How Do Free Online Courses Work?

  • Submit your enrolment form and wait for approval from our team to begin your induction and online course
  • We’ll process your funding application, and a tutor will be assigned to support you through your course
  • Receive text reminders when your work is due
  • Your work will be marked and returned to you within 7 days
  • Once you’ve submitted your work, we’ll apply for your certificate

Here at CT Skills, we hope you have found all the information you need about our business skills free online courses, and have discovered the perfect career-boosting opportunity to suit your goals and ambitions. If you are still left with questions about our services or simply require more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch via email or our socials including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!