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If you are searching for a zero-cost learning and skills development opportunity that provides you or your employees with the freedom to study whenever and wherever necessary, one of our free online courses may be the perfect solution! If you have already explored the courses we have to offer on our free online courses page and have found one of interest, you are now probably wondering whether CT Skills is the right training provider for your needs. This page is here to provide you with all the reasons why choosing us will be beneficial for both personal and career development!

Free Online Courses

Here at CT Skills, we have been committed to delivering training of the highest quality to individuals for over 20 years. Since investing in free online courses to offer both learners and employers, we have experienced first-hand the positive effects such a learning process can have on the personal and professional development of an individual.

Years of Experience!

The CT Skills Difference

Here at CT Skills, we believe the mental well-being of you or your workforce is paramount to achieving your full potential and ambitions. This is why we proudly supply six online courses that focus on addressing some of the most prevalent issues within society today, including Children’s and Young People’s Mental Health and Mental Health First Aid.

In addition to boosting your career or upscaling your CV, our online courses are a stepping stone to fully understanding some of the challenging behaviours we all experience in our lives, with an emphasis on the most effective methods of communication and support.

Discover some of the potential positive outcomes for learners and employers below:


Gain Skills and Confidence in Your Abilities

Our online courses allow you to develop both personal learning and professional skills. You will have the time and freedom to discover how you retain information best while applying the knowledge you gain to practical tasks and real-life scenarios. In addition, the qualification and certificate you receive upon course completion will display your capabilities to any future employer.

Tackle Personal and Psychological Barriers to Work

The online courses we offer not only add value to your CV but enhance your understanding of some of the mental health struggles individuals face. If you have concerns surrounding your well-being, the learning may also be useful to apply to and support your circumstances by confronting barriers to employment or career progression. In addition, you will be introduced to strategies to effectively support others.

Stand Out From The Crowd in Future Job Applications

By completing one of our online courses, your willingness to learn and invest time and effort into your interests and ambitions will be evident to future employers.

You will also receive a certificate and Level 2 qualification for your efforts. Therefore, your applications will be enhanced, helping to boost or begin your career and giving you a competitive edge.


Boost Staff Motivation and Morale

In addition to the skills and knowledge development employees will experience, the rewarding recognition following the completion of one of our online courses may help to reinforce a ‘can-do’ attitude amongst employees. In turn, this encourages greater productivity and staff satisfaction.

Increase Staff Retention

Enrolling employees to complete one of our online courses and investing in their learning may act as a way to display the company’s consideration for personal and professional development. Thus, individuals will feel valued and heard by their workplace, encouraging them to progress and remain in-house.

Build an Employee Support System

Aside from achieving a valuable qualification, our online courses aid employers in building a support system for workers. Those who complete the course will gain the ability to recognise personal issues and support others in their mental health struggles. Therefore, employees struggling with psychological barriers will have a team of colleagues to turn to when in need and be successfully supported.

The Courses We Offer

Young man writing in notebook in cafe

Understanding Challenging Behaviour

Children & Young Peoples Mental Health

patient makes progress towards healing and recovery as she talks with her therapist about her

Counselling Skills

Multi-Cultural Group Of Men And Women At Mental Health Group Therapy Meeting

Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health in the Early Years

Drawing on psychoterapy

Understanding Autism

senior woman collecting jigsaw puzzle as dementia therapy

Principles Of Dementia Care

partial view of young people hands holding hands of elderly woman lying on hospital bed

Principles of End-of-Life Care

Expert young nurse making the bed at the hospital

Prevention and Control of Infection

Antibiotics and medication

Safe Handling of Medication

Mens Mental Health

Young contemporary businesswoman with laptop standing on balcony

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We hope this page has provided you with every reason to choose us as your reliable training provider of online courses. If you have not already done so or remain unsure about which of our courses is most suited to your ambitions or business requirements, take a look at our free online courses page. Alternatively, get in contact with our friendly team via shortcourses@ctskills.co.uk or keep up to date with our latest news on our FacebookInstagramTwitter and LinkedIn pages!