How to Have a Healthy Work-Life Balance

In this blog, CT Skills will help you discover the benefits of a work-life balance and how to achieve that. Having a healthy balance is crucial for you to keep a sharp...
20 April 2023

In this blog, CT Skills will help you discover the benefits of a work-life balance and how to achieve that. Having a healthy balance is crucial for you to keep a sharp mind and enjoy your office and home time as it can also affect your mental health massively. Having an uneven balance can leave you not fulfilling your work goals and leaving your to come home unsatisfied. If you would like to discover other ways to learn and deal with mental health, take a look at our free online courses.

Starting The Day

Having a good start to the day is crucial to having a great work-to-life balance. This means going to sleep at a decent time the night before! Your body needs rest to be able to work properly. Without a minimum of 8 hours of sleep, your brain won’t function to its highest capability. After having those 8 important hours, the best time to wake up is an hour or so before you need to leave for work or start your work at home. After showering and getting ready so you’re nice and fresh for the day, it’s time for food. Many people don’t eat breakfast in the morning before they go to work. Having this food will give your brain the fuel it needs to be able to work and get the clogs turning!

Your Mental Happiness

Keeping your mental state fresh and happy is incredibly important to your work-to-life balance. This will allow you to keep your mind open and ready for new ideas and challenges. Below are some ideas for you to keep an open and healthy mind:

  • Take a break – If you’re struggling with a challenge in your work and it’s starting to get to you, take a 5 or 10-minute break. Having these breaks of fresh air or listening to music can help cool you down and refresh your head. It’s very easy to get overwhelmed by large challenges that are thrown at you during work, so by having these breaks, you’ll notice a big difference!
  • Try new views – When you’re struggling with something at work, try tackling the challenge differently. Don’t be scared or worried to ask for a colleague’s view or help on it. Having these ideas and new views can help the way you face that challenge you have.
  • Don’t be scared to fidget – Fidgeting is often a good way to deal with stress or anxiety at work and home. Some people often have a stress ball to take with them to work which is a great way to relieve some stress and anxiety. You could also have a pen and paper next to you to doodle on to relieve tension and a tight mind. 
  • Control your breathing – Your breathing is a crucial part of relaxing your mind to keep it happy and balanced whether that’s at home or in the office. Here is a tip to help your breathing if you are starting to panic or just to relax for a minute (the 4-2-4 method is a great method). Breathe in for 4 seconds. Hold it for 2. Then let it back out for 4. Do this for as long as you like!
  • Start organising things with colleagues – Organising activities or places to go with your colleagues is a great way to stay happy and positive. This could be going for a quick coffee, going to a nice place for lunch, or even going for a meal or activity after work such as bowling! It’s a great way to keep a positive vibe throughout your workplace and yourself.

Keep it Separate and Having a Balance

Keeping work separate from your home can be quite hard but is very important. Many people suffer from problems at home that can affect their heads when at work. It’s extremely understandable but can cause you to lose focus at work. It can be very helpful to keep them separate too. It can develop the strength of your mind but also allow you to focus and get your work done to the fullest. 

When you are at home, make sure you leave work at work! Try to avoid looking at your work phone, laptop and other devices. Let your mind relax and you’ll feel better for it! You can also get a better night’s sleep without stressing about work when you’re at home. Keeping this balance is crucial.

Working from Home

After the lockdown, many businesses have been sent to work at home for a long time. In doing so, many employees have lost motivation and struggled to work. To help this, we recommend going to a cafe or coffee shop and work in there. Having this change of environment is a great way to change the scenery around you to get back the motivation you once had! Feel free to change it up and order a nice coffee or tea to have whilst working. It’s all about having that balance!

At CT Skills, we know mental health is a crucial part of having a good work-life balance so we hope this blog has allowed you to discover the benefits of an as well as how to do so. If you would like to discover more about mental health, we provide 6 different free online courses that can help you find out more on different topics of mental health. We also suggest you keep up to date with our FacebookLinkedIn, and Instagram to keep posted on our latest updates and news.

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