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Mental health is a significantly prevalent issue within today’s society, debilitating many in their ability to work and conduct normal daily activities. Approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK...
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27 April 2023

Mental health is a significantly prevalent issue within today’s society, debilitating many in their ability to work and conduct normal daily activities. Approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year. This is one of the primary reasons we believe mental well-being is paramount in an individual achieving their full potential and ambitions. Here at CT Skills, we proudly supply budding learners with six free online courses addressing a variety of topics, including; Counselling Skills, Children and Young People’s Mental Health, Understanding Challenging Behaviour, Mental Health First Aid, Understanding Mental Health in the Early Years, and Understanding Autism. This blog will introduce you to several reasons why completing one of our courses may aid you in supporting family, friends, and loved ones around you who struggle with their mental health.

Gain an Understanding

Education on mental health has never been so important. There is an ongoing stigma surrounding mental health, which can be reduced and broken down by an increased level of awareness and understanding. Mental health training such as the free online courses offered by CT Skills helps to normalise meaningful conversations around the most common mental health illnesses, including anxiety and depression. As individuals begin to feel more comfortable talking about mental health, they are less likely to become disengaged or withdraw.

Throughout our courses, you will learn what mental health means and be introduced to a basic person-centred approach to tackling specific mental health conditions and the psychological and physical barriers that arise with each. You will also receive the resources necessary for you and your loved ones to promote efforts for treatment and recovery. For instance, the counselling skills course will teach about strategies such as curiosity and reflexivity, which can help you have better support conversations. In addition, you will be taught about how individuals deal with emotional stress or unexpected changes.

It Encourages Early Intervention to Aid in Recovery

Preventing poor mental health from developing is often more effective than waiting for people to become ill. For employers, this is particularly important to reduce the risk of absenteeism and staff turnover. However, for all individuals experiencing troubling times, being equipped with the knowledge and skills to support and resolve issues within the workplace or at home will be of immediate need. Confidence will also be required to encourage professional help where necessary. This knowledge and confidence can be developed through the gain in understanding previously outlined (by partaking in one of our free online courses) and reduces the risk of mild symptoms becoming more severe.

Be a Listening Ear

You may find that advice and recommendations is not always what a loved one wants or needs. When an individual is upset or stressed, often all they need is an ear to listen to their struggles, letting them know they are not alone. Understanding common mental health issues will help significantly in empathising with an awareness of how to respond. It is important to place yourself in their shoes and react appropriately to the severity of their situation.

How to Enrol in One of Our Courses

We have several courses available depending on your interests and circumstances. However, they all exist with the same aim – to educate and enhance an individual’s understanding of the significance and potential severity of mental health problems. We offer top tips on supporting those around you throughout the courses, all of which apply to real-life scenarios! To discover more about the courses we offer and apply, visit www.ctskills.co.uk/free-online-courses/. Alternatively, for any questions or queries you may have, contact our friendly team via shortcourses@ctskills.co.uk.

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