How Career Fairs Can Benefit Your Company

As a business searching for recruits or more engagement with your desired target audience, knowing the most effective methods to achieve your key performance indicators can be confusing. Here at...
28 March 2023

As a business searching for recruits or more engagement with your desired target audience, knowing the most effective methods to achieve your key performance indicators can be confusing. Here at CT Skills, we have experienced first-hand the benefits of participating in a career fair to promote our apprenticeships and free online courses. Therefore, we would encourage other businesses trying to build their reputation to consider attending too. We will be illustrating the benefits throughout this blog by utilising CT Skills as an example.

Face-To-Face Interaction

Reaching a target audience and knowing the information you provide has been acknowledged and processed is difficult to measure, especially when distributing promotional materials such as flyers and leaflets to passing individuals. A similar problem is often encountered with digital marketing, as unless interactions and engagements are recorded, many are likely to scroll past and not retain the details. At a career fair, however, businesses are allowed to interact with their target audience face-to-face, answering any questions they may have about your services and eliminating confusion. This will aid in making your company seem more ‘human’ and outline a clear criterion of your preferred candidates to get the right recruits for the job. Many individuals still prefer human interaction over digital, as it is much easier to convey emotion and personality.

Build A Persona for Your Brand

The significance of personality moves us onto our next benefit of career fairs, building a persona for your brand. Make your brand memorable for the right reasons with the advice you provide and the overall tone of your stall. If your audience has a positive experience, they will be more likely to remember their time with you and utilise your services in the future (as well as recommend you to a friend!). They will be looking for friendly and helpful representatives to guide them with their goals, especially if their situation is sensitive. For instance, an older visitor to the CT Skills stall may be in search of the eligibility criteria for an apprenticeship, as they are aiming to enhance their career but worry they have exceeded the age limit to apply. In this circumstance, reassuring them of the benefits of an apprenticeship at any age would be advantageous, as well as informing the individual of how there is no upper age limit for the courses offered.

Achieve Greater Reach with Your Appeal

Aside from the direct promotion of your services to your desired target audience, career fairs are also a valuable occasion to capture the interest of those not necessarily attending to discover your services. For example, not every individual attending a career fair will have considered an apprenticeship or free online course to enhance their learning. However, if your promotional material and stall are appealing and eye-catching, it may interest individuals looking for similar learning opportunities. Furthermore, friends and family of potential candidates may convey the message of CT Skills once home or take a flyer or leaflet for them to learn more!  

Although the benefits of a career fair to your business are not guaranteed, we at CT Skills believe they can only do more good than harm. With so many taking place around the country each year, there is sure to be one that is suitable and local to your business. Experience face-to-face interaction with your customers, build a brand persona and achieve greater reach today. We hope to see you there.

To explore the full range of apprenticeship sectors we hire for and discover why over 300 companies partner with us every year, visit www.ctskills.co.uk/why-hire-us. Alternatively, contact our team via apprenticeships@ctskills.co.uk for more information and start your apprenticeship scheme journey!

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