Childcare Apprenticeships

Rediscover forgotten talents

CT Skills Apprenticeships in Childcare are a great way to start your career. You’ll work side by side with industry professionals whilst working towards qualifications.

The government trust us. So can you.

Established for over 20 years, we have developed a team of Apprenticeship experts who all hold extensive experience in their field or industry. We offer a unique experience for both students and employers and pride ourselves on producing skilled employees who hold the ability to actively contribute to the sector.
Celebrated as Good by OFSTED in Sept 2016 we are passionately working towards securing OFSTED Outstanding.

Choosing the right Level for you.

Level 2 Children & Young People Workforce

This apprenticeship is ideal for those who have not previously worked in the sector or have little professional Childcare experience. Your role will cover the basics in legislation and safeguarding, equality and diversity, positive behaviour and development as well as other observational skills. 

Level 3 Early Years Practitioner

The Level 3 apprenticeship is designed to suit candidates who have a L2 Childcare qualification or equivalent experience. You can expect to train while in a Nursery Assistant, Team Leader or general Practitioner role.