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Your Time Is Now

Your time is now.  Time to make a move, all it takes is a phone call, an email, a single moment. Those dreams that you’ve always wanted to accomplish are only around the corner, you’re closer than you think you are. Developing careers and companies is what we do and we’re here to help you.

It feels like it’s been forever, this time of hesitation and compromise. Countless cancelled plans, biding your time. We say: It’s time for change. No more waiting for the right moment, don’t hold back.

385 lives have been changed in 10 months. With 385 careers started, jobs secured, and futures changed. We are proud to support people of all backgrounds, abilities, and beliefs into exciting careers with some of the UK’s largest employers that will have an impact on their future.

Whatever your aspirations, CT Skills has the solution to help you meet them. From dedicated training programmes resulting in interviews with some of the nations’ largest employers to apprenticeships to start or develop your career.

We’ve managed to help change the lives and careers of people like Gavin and Natalija.

I’ve been looking at this apprenticeship for quite some time and I’ve always put it off. I should have just gotten stuck in and done it and I could’ve progressed a lot further than where I am now.

I think you wait for the right time, but the right time never comes up so just do it whilst you’ve got the option. – Gavin

I would definitely give my pre-apprenticeship self the advice to start my apprenticeship quicker. We all have busy lifestyles, so the opportunity to learn at work is a really great opportunity and everyone should use it. If I had the choice again, I would choose to do my apprenticeship. – Natalija

So, the only thing we have left to say is “what are you waiting for?”  Your time is now!

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