Our vision, mission and values are a key part in our strategy for growth. 

They underpin all our work with employers, learners and our partners.


We will be a positive force, socially and economically, through vibrant learning programmes and career development opportunities that support people to gain the skills they need to be outstanding and thrive in the modern workforce.

Mission Statement

To inspire and support learners and companies to achieve their goals through outstanding teaching, learning and assessment.


Our values have been developed by our staff and we regularly award team members that demonstrate our values in their work. 


Pride – We are committed to achieving the outcomes to serve the needs of our community. We have belief and passion in our service.

Respect – Our team respect and value those we work with. We embrace difference and value the unique contributions individuals make to our learners and employers.

Accountability – Our service is solutions driven with measurable results. We have a responsibility to provide an effective dedicated service with impact.

Integrity – As a family-built organisation we are straight talking specialists in our field and deliver an exemplary service. Our honesty encourages trust by our stakeholders.

Service Excellence – Our expertise allows us to develop and offer a bespoke leading edge service, we can be responsive to the needs of our stakeholders and deliver a person centred professional learning journey.


Images from the CT Skills Awards night in December 2015 to celebrate the teams commitment to our mission, vision and values – two of our award winners, Nicole and Karl