Throwback Thursday

Notts Live article – Throwback Thursday

At CT Skills we support young people and adults into education and work providing them with opportunities to improve their skillset, grow their mindset and gain notable qualifications. A family-owned training and recruitment provider with more than 20 years’ experience in delivering a variety of programmes to benefit learners and businesses across the Midlands and beyond.

We are proud to witness and hear the success stories of those who kickstarted their career within roles they were very passionate about.

An article featured in Nottinghamshire Live back in 2017 showcased the feel-good stories and career changing moments which CT Skills have provided for young people and adults over the years.

Paul Johnson (58) – We helped Paul kickstart his career in a different industry, unfortunately he lost his sales job of 30 years when the company he once worked for went through a reorganisation. CT Skills quickly turned the brief disappointment for Paul into delight, as we started him on a brand-new career in health and social care.

Fully funded by the UK Government, the pre-employment training courses that we offered Paul and many more are built with the purpose to ensure everyone gains a new skillset and qualification to commence their career. Paul had fully funded learning with tutor support, industry specific interview preparation and Level 1 Health and Social Care qualification.

John Crew (51) – John Crew was homeless just weeks before he came to us, very low on confidence and unsure about his future. However, this was soon to change as within just three weeks of being on our construction programme, he passed his healthy and safety qualifications and gained his CSCS card. Once this was completed, John had the opportunity to work on a building site, earn and expand his career in construction and build relationships with his colleagues.

Currently, he is now building homes in and around Nottingham and enjoying his environment and surroundings which has improved his mental health.

Providing people with apprenticeship opportunities is very rewarding for us knowing we can guide learners and simply improve someone’s confidence then it is a job well done for us. We had a chat with two young learners who expressed how grateful they are for CT Skills in improving their mindset and growing their skillset.

Bethany (21) – Bethany joined us and described herself as a ‘broken clock,’ however with our support and guidance she left us as a completely new person and is now in employment and loving life.

Matt Bennett (19) – During our chat with Matt he stated that: ‘If school had been like CT Skills, I would have enjoyed it and achieved more while I was there. CT Skills has improved my skillset as I have been constantly finding ways to improve.”

We are constantly growing rapidly as an organisation and our main aim always hold values close to use: Pride, Respect, Accountability, Integrity and Service Excellence (PRAISE). Everything that we do is about the people, for the people and providing them with opportunities to make their dreams and goals turn into a reality. A chance to turn their lives around and pursue their passion.

We offer apprenticeships, traineeships, skills training programmes, career guidance and direct routes into work via our Sector Based Work Academies – delivering qualifications and a guaranteed job interview with an employer. We are involved in frequent Jobs Fair across the country, so keep your eyes peeled at the next event and we will give you a warm welcome and help you take your next steps.

The next steps for CT Skills have already been put into action currently it is National Apprenticeship Week (NAW) and we have some exciting announcements!

We have launched a LIVE interactive map on our website, where users are able to navigate around, find their suited role and browse in more detail. Locations are spread nationwide from Derby to Doncaster and Mansfield to Manchester. Over 60 plus live vacancies in varied industries: Business Admin, Marketing, Teaching, Early Years, Property, Housing and Customer Service. Each vacancy contains an internal link which when clicked directs users to the vacancy listing which provides a more detailed description covering role responsibility, person specification and benefits.

A chance for those to earn and learn, have valuable hands-on experience and work in an industry they are passionate in.

Even though it is NAW, our map will remain a present feature for CT Skills as we will seek to include more vacancies listings, more locations, and more industries!

Watch this space!

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