Tapping into talent whilst saving time and money

As Covid restrictions ease across the UK, The Prime Minister has stated that “Talent cannot be wasted and now is the time to achieve a national recovery so that jabs, jabs, jabs becomes jobs, jobs, jobs.” He promised to spread opportunity more evenly, specifically in the Midlands and north of England.


So why are companies finding it so hard to recruit right now? Kickstart vacancies remain unfilled, hospitality companies are scrambling for staff and the number of applications for roles is currently lower than pre-pandemic levels.

A lack of committed candidates has meant the cost of hiring is increasing rapidly. As is the time it takes to recruit somebody new into your organisation. A study from Glassdoor shows that, on average, it costs £3000 and takes 27.5 days to complete a successful recruitment process.

CT Skills can help address this issue by tapping into the vast talent pool of adults looking for work across a wide range of cities, towns and communities. Jobseekers are looking for sustainable careers in inspiring work environments. We use our partnerships with prestigious brands like Marriott, Premier Inn, police forces and the NHS to inspire talented people from all backgrounds to develop the skills they need to secure fantastic jobs.

We have recently worked with Ninja Warrior in Leicester to help them recruit a talented and trained workforce from the local community. Jobseekers undertook a two-week customer service training programme which developed their skills and tested their commitment. In return, Ninja Warrior guaranteed those who completed the course an interview – part of which was to tackle the obstacles at the new Ninja Warrior course!

They were able to recruit nine new customer service assistants in two weeks. This would have cost them £27,000 and taken 247.5 days according to the latest recruitment statistics from Glassdoor. The process cost nothing and took two weeks with CT Skills.


If you would like more information on how we could save your business time and money with recruitment, please visit https://www.ctskills.co.uk/ call us on 0115 9599 544 or email info@ctskills.co.uk. We look forward to hearing from you.

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