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A Sector-based Work Academy Programme (SWAP) is a Government Funded programme that provides pre-employment training, work experience and a guaranteed job interview to individuals who are ready to commence employment but may wish to acquire more work experience and training to better meet the needs of your organisation.

As a fully funded Government programme, a sector-based work academy programme can reduce your recruitment costs whilst ensuring you have motivated, dedicated and passionate members of staff with the skills your organisation needs now and for the future.

How does a Sector-based Work Academy work?

There are six stages to a SWAP that we have explained below. The purpose of a SWAP is to provide you as the employer with work-ready participants who may need some more sector relevant training to meet the needs of your business.

Once a SWAP has been agreed with an employer, training provider and Jobcentre Plus, the opportunity will be sent out to all local Jobcentre Plus locations.

Potential learners attend a Virtual Selection Day, where they will receive a presentation from CT Skills, JobCentre Plus and the employer. Once this day is completed we’ll select the candidates to go forward onto the programme.

The learners will then undertake Pre-Employment Training (PET) relevant to your organisation.

Participants will then undertake a Work Experience Placement to develop the skills they have learned throughout their Pre-Employment Training.

A guaranteed job interview provides learners with valuable experience and may lead on to employment. There is no guarantee of employment however it is a requirement that all participants have access to a fair interview for an available vacancy.

This is not a requirement of the SWAP, however, we aim to supply employers with quality candidates being recruited for.

As your training partner, CT Skills will produce a bespoke Pre-Employment Training (PET) course that closely aligns to your aims and skills needs.

We have over 20 years of experience in providing Sector-based Work Academy Programmes, Apprenticeships and short courses. We utilise this experience to ensure our training provides an immediate impact on your organisation.

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