Rebecca’s Determination Leads To Success

Rebecca - Customer Service Case Study-02

Rebecca was determined to find an opportunity to progress on her career path. After quitting her job under personal circumstances Rebecca was eager to get back into working after a long lockdown. She commented: “For 2 years I’d been self-employed, I didn’t want to do that anymore.”

This determination led her to find CT Skills and a Customer Service course that included a guaranteed interview with an employer after completion.

For Rebecca, starting the Customer Service course with CT Skills was like a breath of fresh air. She enthused: “I didn’t have any reason to get dressed in the morning. So, for those short weeks of training, it was great to have an excuse to get ready in the morning and have something to focus on.”

During the course, Rebecca learnt valuable skills such as creating a CV and cover letter, as well as interview preparation and gaining a customer service skill set. She was also able to practice her computer skills and become proficient in navigating online.

She commented: “I’ve kept in contact with some people from my course. All the people on the course were so friendly!”

At CT Skills we take great pride in our fantastic tutors. Rebecca boasted how Jane, the tutor for this course, individualised everyone’s experience and catered to every learner’s needs. Rebecca remarked: “Jane went above and beyond, not just for me but for everyone.”

“She worked to get the best out of everyone; I’ll definitely remember Jane for the rest of my life.”

After successfully completing the Customer Service course, Rebecca independently went onto have 4 interviews with separate companies! She mentioned how the course has changed her views on jobs, declaring “Rather than getting any old job that will pull me through the next year, I’m now looking to the future and setting myself 5 year plans.”

When asked whether she would recommend CT Skills to others, Rebecca stated: “I would recommend CT Skills to anyone. CT Skills isn’t just for one set of people, it’s for people from all different backgrounds.”

“I got so much out of CT Skills, so I wanted to let other people hear my story.”

CT Skills wishes Rebecca the absolute best for her career path and with determination like hers we have no doubt there will be endless successes in her future!

If you’re as inspired by Rebecca’s story as we are, view our events page and book yourself onto a course of your choosing to begin your new career journey!

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