Update on the CT Skills 20th birthday event

Good afternoon all,

We have given the staff party a lot of thought over the past week and have decided to cancel the event at the Cosy Club on November 11th.

There are sadly too many cases of Covid locally to safely bring everybody together in one place.

Instead we are going to run an online event on Microsoft Teams on Thursday November 11th starting at 1pm.

Debbie has already sent a save the date request through outlook for you.

We will provide a brief strategic update and then celebrate 20 years of CT Skills together.

To help us make this event as interactive as possible we want to ask you two questions (there will be prizes for best answers):

  1. What is your favourite CT Skills memory?
  2. Who has had the biggest impact on you at CT Skills and why?

Please use the boxes below to provide your answers. You can keep it anonymous if you want.

Deadline for responses is Monday 8th November at 5pm.

I know many of you will be disappointed at the decision to host the event online but I’m sure you’ll understand that our primary goal, as it has been throughout the pandemic, is to keep everybody safe.

We have postponed our booking with Cosy Club to the new year when hopefully we’ll be able to bring everybody together safely.

Thanks for your understanding.

National Hospitality Day Celebrated With Our SWAP Partners

For National Hospitality Day, we wanted to do something a little different. Throughout CT Skills’ 20 years of training, we’ve developed some fantastic relationships with employers across England! We decided to hit the road, visit some of our favourite spots and show off the great employers we work with!

Liam, Helen, and Matt spent the morning in Leicester city centre talking to the acting shift manager. We wanted to show the fast paced and exciting environment that working in hospitality brings and to showcase some of the exciting benefits our learners could get through working with McDonalds. The team were also treated to a couple of breakfasts with coffee, what a way to start the day!

With our belly’s full we headed over to Ninja Warrior to test out our physical abilities (or lack of) on the famous obstacle course! It was a great treat to talk to the manager about the 9 staff members we were able to provide and how much of a difference CT Skills has made to his business.

Described as “the scariest experience of my life”, Liam stood teetering on the edge of the high jump platform for 15 minutes before finally taking his leap of faith. The kinder option would have been to let him come down the stairs, but Helen insisted he would be fine.

Closing the day, the trip headed over to see our friends at Hilton over at St. Georges Park. Helen has been building relationships with Hilton across England and we wanted to get a feel for the roles our learners will be going in to! The Learning and Development Manager was kind enough to give a full tour of the facility as the team stood with their jaws on the floor at the stories of the professional sportsman that train and frequent the hotel.

These are only three stories of the hundreds of employers we are working with at CT Skills! Keep an eye out on our socials for more content in the future!


It’s a record-breaking month for the WBL team! This group of apprenticeship heroes finished the month with 90 starts, smashing all previous records. It’s hard not to stress what an achievement this is, CT Skills are back hitting the heights we had previously seen pre covid and boy does it feel great.
The team managed to enrol a total of 50 starts through Levy and 38 Non Levy employers.
Here are some of the highlights of the achievements below.
  • Joe enrolled a total of 31 learners herself!
  • Lesley filled a total of 34 vacancies that were enrolled in September!
  • Harpreet & Richard enrolled 100% new employers!
  • Ross launched & enrolled our first two Level 5 Early Years Lead Practitioner learners!
  • Big thanks to Jon who got us approved with Lincoln & Walsall councils which allowed us to generate 5 starts this month!

Kam sent in this lovey statement 


“What a great result for September for CT Skills! We broke RECORDS!!!

Each member of the BD Team contributed to this success with 34 Apprenticeship vacancies filled & enrolled, 10 AAT learners enrolled across the country, 2 learners enrolled onto the new Level 5 Early Years Lead Practitioner standard & 90 learners enrolled in total!!!

But we must remember, we are a FAMILY & we couldn’t have achieved this success without the support of the Data Team who worked with us consistently to manage a bigger workload in order to process the starts onto Maytas, Emma & Sam for allocating starts at the last minute & accommodating our new learners, Dave & the CDL Team for answering our queries & providing us with the info to go back to both employers & candidates in a timely manner & a BIG BIG THANK YOU to all of the Assessors for providing our learners with such a good quality service ….. your professionalism & dedication makes it easier for us to sell CT Skills!”

It’s also great to see the number of new employers engaging in apprenticeships and the wide geographical spread that we now cover. We’re continually expanding further afield in all areas of the business so we’re clearly no longer an East Midlands provider only.

If they weren’t busy enough with all that they have also been dedicating huge amounts of time increasing their presence on the social media platform LinkedIn. This is something that not only benefits the individuals but also hugely benefits the CT Skills brand. A recent post of the WBL team having lunch at Nando’s was liked by the hospitality giant themselves.
We’ve seen a lot of us having to work online and it’s about time our staff were able to vocalise their successes online too. LinkedIn is the perfect platform for this and if anyone would like any support on how to utilise this, get in touch with Marketing. They are more than happy to help.

Congrats again WBL team, lets keep knocking those records down!

Enjoying it so far?

Were dedicated to improving this new format newsletter and would love to hear your feedback on what kind of content you would like to see more of. 



This last month the CT Skills team have reached new heights, particularly our Business Development Manager, Joe Carruthers. Whilst enrolling a whopping 31 apprentices, Joe also climbed the tallest mountain in Wales and England, Snowdon. It’s 3,560 feet tall so I bet you can imagine the amazing views from the summit. Apparently, you can see England, Scotland, Ireland and the Isle of Man. All that work with such a beautiful pay off, would you like to see Joe’s view?


Bet you’re glad you decided to climb it on such a cloudy day Joe.

All jokes aside, we’re all incredibly proud of you here at CT Skills Joe, it’s a fantastic achievement and we hope that in the future you get to see some more stunning landscapes from the top of mountains.

Also, a massive shout out to Jamie and Tez who rode 22 miles on the old disused Mickleover Railway cycle path. It includes some spectacular landscapes from Derby to Burton & Ashbourne.

If you have been up to anything incredible recently, please let the marketing team know so we can share all of the achievements with the rest of CT Skills.

CT Skills Are Back At The Jobs Fairs

JF 1

CT Skills has hit the streets and we’re back in the world. Since August we’ve managed to attend numerous jobs fairs and we’ve got a lot more coming up.

To say its refreshing to be back amongst the public is an understatement, to be able to explain face to face to people in need of jobs exactly what we do and how we do it is incredible. It’s been a long 18 months for all of us being cooped up in the house and now were able to give people viable routes to change the direction of their lives and start on a new path with CT Skills.

What makes CT Skills great is every single one of you. It’s the personalities, the real people behind the scenes that makes us tick. To be able to show that personality off face to face is a game changer for us.

We want to thank everyone who has been able to make it down to a Jobs fair, it makes such a difference to be part of that support network for people who are currently in need.

If you ever want to get involved and join us in front of our potential learners, get in touch with marketing or let your manager know!

JF 4
JF 3

A Frenzy Of Fantastic Feedback

With all the hard work that everyone has been putting in over the last year, it’s always amazing to hear back from our learners and their experiences!
We’ve had some awesome feedback from all our  learners letting us know they got the job thanks to support and guidance.

“I have recently been through the Sector based work academy with CT Skills. I would just like to thank you all. From [Hayden], to Lysette Jones, the enrolment officer and Esther Nduta my tutor, and Hayley Clements the woman who arranged my interview. When I first started out on the course I was a bit dubious about being a male going into care work but it was always something that was close to my heart and I wanted to get into. Now I have confidence that can be an effective Support Worker, and I have attained the exact role I wanted and have just finished being inducted into a well reputed company in Leicestershire. Thank you so, so much for helping to give me the best possible start to my journey as a Support Worker. I will never forget and would happily recommend CT Skills to anybody.”

Learners have even reached out before finishing the course to let us know just how much they are enjoying their time at CT Skills.

“I really enjoyed the session again this morning and I wanted you to know that I will be sad when this course ends really.  It’s really helped me get back on track with my life and I know it sounds silly but after the lockdown and not having a job for over 12 months I really feel like I am getting back into the swing of things and this all down to you Stuart and these online sessions.  So thank you, I really mean it.”

Special shout out to our tutors Jane and Esther and all their amazing support!

“I have had an amazing experience with CT skills, and to be honest it is down to Esther and Jane, Esther’s communication and social skills are off the chart, the course ran like a dream for me, and any help needed Esther was always available to deal with any issues, this is the reason I enjoyed the course and would recommend it to anyone going into social care, Jane’s help when tailoring my CV for roles within social care was also fantastic, I now have a CV that I feel confident with when applying for jobs, Jane was also able to answer some questions I had regarding my CV, having spoken to Jane I quickly realised that she is multi skilled ,this was all apparent when helping me, I am truly appreciative of the helped I received, for which I say a big thank you to both tutors.”

It’s always amazing to her back from our learners and our impact on their lives. It’s what drives us to be better and the reason we do our jobs!

“I wanted to thank you for your support and guidance and for truly believing in me when I had given up. I am still shell shocked that I passed and am astounded to have got a distinction! I could not have achieved this without you, you have been so supportive.”

Not only are we hearing from our learners but also our employers and their experience with CT Skills.

“Just a quick email to say how impressed I am with your support and the training package, I am instilled with confidence and positive that this is excellent training for my staff. I will pass my experiences of this onto my colleague’s so they can consider developing their teams as well.”

Our employers also feel our courses have made the difference they needed.

“It has been so rewarding to see our employee develop over the programme, they has grown in confidence throughout their apprenticeship and developed an array of transferable skills, including communication, problem solving, strategic thinking, team work and resilience. These can be applied to a variety of roles in the future.”

It warms our hearts to read the impact that you are all having on our learners and employers. To see all the hard work making a difference to peoples lives to see it is brilliant. We know that we’re incredibly proud of you. We hope you’re proud of yourselves, we will make it our mission to start sharing this feedback with you more regularly. If you have any feedback to share, please get in touch with marketing so everyone can share in your fabulousness.

New Starts and Promotions

We would like to welcome the following to the team:

Trevor Buchan – Management Trainer Assessor

Nadine Fowler – Management Curriculum Development Lead

welcome to the CT Skills family!

We would also like to congratulate the following on their progressions:

Matt Daunt – Interim Marketing Manager

Lily-Anne Rowbotham – Digital Marketing Apprentice

Amy Grebisz – Business Skills Trainer Assessor

Finally we would like to welcome  back Dylan Probert in his Learning Engagement Officer role, it’s great to have you back in the team!


We would really love to see you all at our party on the Thursday 11th of November  at the Cosy Club.

20 years is an incredible achievement for any organisation and we wanted to celebrate this anniversary with the very people who have made this possible.

Please fill out the form below to RSVP to the event.

Thank you and see you all soon!