#NCW2020 – Case Study: Louis’ confidence shines after landing new role

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In celebration of National Careers Week 2020, we spent time with residents from across the East Midlands who had secured a role in their chosen career thanks to CT Skills.

We were pleased to meet with Louis Weselby, 20, who came to CT Skills after losing his job as a Quality Inspector with a leading car manufacturer.

Louis explains; “After leaving school, I completed an engineering apprenticeship and progressed on to a role as a Quality Inspector with my employer. I loved my role there, but unfortunately in November 2019 my hours were cut and I lost my job.”

Louis hated the thought of being out of work, so began researching his options online and came across CT Skills who were offering a short Employability qualification with a guaranteed interview for a Panel Wiring role with leading employers, Shorterm.  Louis applied for the course online and within a week he was beginning a life changing career opportunity.

He continues; “I felt nervous about coming to CT Skills but I knew that the more qualifications I had, the more employable I would look to the likes of Shorterm.”

After beginning the course, Louis began to relax as he was in a classroom with other likeminded people in a similar employment situation to him.

Louis explains; “Everyone in the class was amazing and my Tutor Brendan was extremely supportive. He even stopped behind in the class to help me a few times and this really grew my confidence ahead of the interview with Shorterm.”

At the end of the 12 day course, Brendan had prepared Louis for his interview for the role and grew his confidence by providing additional support when required.

Louis attended the interview with Shorterm and was offered the Panel Wirer role at the end of the interview.

Louis concludes; “The interview with Shorterm was really good and actually enjoyable. Brendan had fully prepared me for the questions that were asked so I went in feeling confident. I am looking forward to my future role and I would like to thank Brendan and everyone else at CT Skills Derby for this opportunity.”

Manager, James from Shorterm commented; “The relationship with CT Skills has been good and we are working together to resolve our recruitment needs.

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