#NAW2021- Turning my passion into a career


During college, Dario set up a videography company with his friends. Throughout this experience, he started to gain a small amount of knowledge with managing social media and visual editing. However, he wanted to expand his knowledge and passion for marketing and media.

This is where the CT Skills’ Digital Marketing apprenticeship came in!

Dario will be shortly beginning his apprenticeship with CT Skills. When asked why he wanted to pursue this apprenticeship, he stated “Coming out of university, there aren’t many options for you to get a foot in. Apprenticeships offer you a place in the industry and warms you up to working within the corporate world”.

Dario wishes to gain more confidence in the industry, stating, “The assessors will encourage me to be confident and the apprenticeship will help me to become an employee that can work independently.”

When asked about his goals for his future in marketing, Dario wishes to develop a marketing team within the company he works for. Driving his passion for media, he has previously studied and self-taught photo and video editing in his personal time. This apprenticeship is enabling him to become knowledgeable in areas he is not as confident in, such as coding and analytics. He wants to grow from the feelings of self-doubt with these specific subjects, and blossom into a successful marketer capable of managing his own team.

Throughout this apprenticeship, Dario wishes to work alongside the motive of “The journey is hard, but if you stick with it, you can show yourself and people you are determined enough”. He believes this method of thinking will encourage him to study hard and progress with his knowledge and skillset within marketing.

CT Skills wishes Dario the best of luck with his Digital Marketing apprenticeship and look forward to seeing his progress.

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