#NAW2021- Apprenticeships help to create success for former Policeman


Balancing a career, family and daily life be a difficult challenge but apprenticeships have helped Gavin change and progress in his career.

Gavin, Support Planner, is ready for the challenge of the next step of his career and is using the Level 3 Housing Apprenticeship. We spoke to Gavin to see how he has used apprenticeships and what his experience can teach

Gavin began his career as a Police Officer at the age of 19 but after several years he found himself unhappy within his job and looking for a change. He began
volunteering at Framework and undertook his Level 2 qualification to change his career direction.
As Gavin recalls “As a volunteer I started my health and social care qualification and applied to become a support worker and then I undertook my level 2
qualification and once I had that knowledge and did that role for 5 years until I felt ready to start moving up.”

After this Gavin applied for a more senior position and although he has been working with Framework felt that his qualification gave him the edge over this competition in the interview. As Gavin explains “The Health and Social Care apprenticeship I did gave me some extra marks in my interview and helped me to secure my current job and I think I could be in a similar position in
the future. I’m learning the knowledge and skills ready to apply for the job so when it comes to the interview, I have something exciting to bring to the team.”

Gavin has continued to use apprenticeships to progress his career and is currently undertaking his Level 3 Housing qualification “I have been with Framework
for almost 10 years now and I’ve been working in the same kind of role for that long. I just feel that it may be time for a change, and I’m starting to explore different options and the housing route and becoming a housing
officer is where I want to go.”

Although Gavin wants to change his career; he has found that balancing his current commitments can be quite stressful. Gavin has found apprenticeships to be the ideal way to continue his professional development. “I think an apprenticeship fits in with work and fits in around my home life. At the moment, I have three kids, a wife and a house so I can’t financially afford to pack
in my job and go full time at university or the time to do an evening university course. An apprenticeship I can do within my work hours and I can incorporate my current job into my apprenticeship.

An apprenticeship fits in with my life and job really well. It’s helping me progress really well and even further than I was expecting. I thought it would be one of those things you do, and it sits in a folder but I’m getting a career from this.

It can never seem a good time to do an apprenticeship, especially with home and work commitments but as Gavin advised “I think you wait for the right time, but the right time never comes up so just do it whilst you’ve got
the option.”

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