#NAW2021- Apprenticeships gave me a different perspective on education


Mimosa Anderson was unsure on what to do after she finished Sixth Form.  Knowing she wanted to pursue a career in Finance, she discovered the AAT Apprenticeship with a local employer through CT Skills.

Since beginning this apprenticeship, Mimosa believes the experience has lived up to her expectations. She stated: “The balance of studying and working is so much better. Unlike Sixth Form, it’s not overwhelming whatsoever.”

She has adapted to taking on a full-time responsibility and accepting that sometimes mistakes happen in the workplace but can always be fixed. She also enjoys being in an office environment and communicating with her peers daily, something she never experienced whilst in Sixth Form.

A lesson Mimosa has learnt is to not let the studying overwhelm you. Since starting this apprenticeship, she has been able to separate her studying from her personal life. She stated “The studying doesn’t have to take over your life. Personally, it did in Sixth Form, but now the balance is so much better for me”.

When asked about completing an apprenticeship during covid 19, Mimosa commented: “It’s actually relaxing! My tutor is always there for me and she replies to my emails quickly. Since I started this apprenticeship in September, learning online is what I have become used to.”

She enthused: “I have learnt so many life skills that I never learnt in school!”

When asked if she could give her past self some advice, she commented: “Trust the process. Don’t expect things to happen straight away. Take the opportunity and use it to your advantage!”

After completing her apprenticeship, Mimosa aims to go on to achieve her Level 3 and Level 4 AAT qualifications.

CT Skills wishes Mimosa the best of luck with her apprenticeship!

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