Kristy Day in the Life – CT Skills x Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust

We have some great relationships with our external stakeholders as we constantly build networks and connect with those like-minded organisations that put the people first!

Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust share similar values with us here at CT Skills; Ambitious, Caring and Together (ACT) as we both act accordingly for opportunities to co-operate with young people and adults into developing and kickstarting their careers. Together, we take steps and serve a purpose to deliver excellent service as providers and build a strong support system that praises and champions success.

We have some fantastic success stories and held a Q&A session with Kristy, a Staff Nurse for Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust who is currently undertaking a Leadership and Management Apprenticeship. Kristy explained with enthusiasm how the apprenticeship has helped her work better with the team, improve her self-awareness and most importantly always seek ways to motivate others in the right way.

Communication plays a pivotal role not just our verbal communication, but our non-verbal communication such as body language, gestures, and eye contact. These are all features which made a big difference with the patients and improves engagement between both parties. Kristy highlighted this further stating, “It is not just knowing how to say something, it is also why are you doing it, what impact is that going to have on somebody else.” Therefore, when we increase our self-awareness, we become more effective when making decisions which is a crucial element to evolve as a leader.

Kristy on – Improving skillset during the Leadership and Management Apprenticeship Programme

“Communication, emotional intelligence and self-awareness are some of the skills I have improved and gained. I am aware of how my actions influence others especially when speaking to patients.” This is essential, because when addressing sensitive topics and matters Kristy has to be able to handle interpersonal relationships empathetically. Kristy followed up her point and stated, “Simply because we are a diagnostic department, so we can sometimes deliver bad news and it is always about how I deliver that.”

Going Forward

The future is looking bright for Kristy as her eyes lit up when mentioning the potential roles and career pathways she will be venturing on. To develop her career, Kristy has looked into advanced clinical roles stating, ‘It is something I am starting to look into…going through application stages, developing my career and I definitely think the apprenticeship has helped me with that.’

“When I go into more senior roles I’d like to progress then top up with a Level 5 as well.”

We appreciate Kristy for taking time out of her day to provide a deeper insight into her working life, ambitions and goals and future steps.

 Also, we had a talk with Graham Travis, Apprenticeship Manager for Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust, who told shared the story regarding the ever-growing relationship with CT Skills and Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust:

“Over the last 3 years we’ve built up a fantastic partnership with CT Skills who’ve played a pivotal role in our apprenticeship training at Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust. It’s great to see a Training Provider who focuses on quality, learner progression and employer needs.”

“CT Skills have provided bespoke training for our apprenticeships in Business Administration, Team Leading and Operations Management. They’ve really understood the training requirements of the NHS and our learners who are employed in variety of clinical and non-clinical roles.”

We’ve had so many success stories with our apprentice’s securing full time roles and higher band positions at the Trust. The apprenticeships have really given individuals confidence and the skills and knowledge to adapt into more challenging roles. These apprenticeships now play a key part in our workforce plan and contribute to the reduction of staff turnover.

“I would highly recommend CT Skills as a Training Provider. The service they offer is excellent and they ensure the apprentice and employer are communicated with regularly.”

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