It’s no secret that businesses that invest in the ongoing development of their staff reap the rewards long term with those organisations benefiting from a more capable, productive workforce with higher levels of morale and engagement.

We are proud to be an integral part of our clients’ strategies for growth, and by offering a real partnership we are able to offer honest, practical advice along with targeted training and recruitment solutions that make a real difference.

With so many training providers out there it is often difficult to select the right one. At CT Skills we put you in the driving seat. We are obviously keen to promote the funded and non funded training solutions we offer, but these have to fit in with the objectives of your business and the needs of your people.

If you’re reading this then you’ve already shown a commitment to strengthening your business and its people, so we’d love to hear from you to learn more. And that’s what we do best – putting you first and developing careers and companies.

Standing out from the crowd

standing crowd 01 smallThe training and development sector is a highly competitive one – something we see as an opportunity to ensure we are constantly improving and developing. Healthy competition drives us to offer a level of business partnership that sets us apart from the other training providers.

But what does that mean for you? Simply put, we are not here to “sell” training or recruitment solutions. We have to learn more about you, your workforce and the challenges your business might be facing.

Having an understanding at this level enables us to tailor a SOLUTION that is right for you. So many of our best clients told us that other providers tried a “square peg round hole” approach – and it simply doesn’t work.

Whether you are looking to recruit a new apprentice, or to develop the skills of your existing staff – we want to take the time to agree an approach that works for you and develop a partnership that lasts for years. 

What are the benefits?

Saves you valuable time


A properly – and regularly – trained workforce becomes more efficient. That means fewer mistakes, more effective time management and ultimately more productivity because they understand how to perform better. This saves you valuable time during the working day across the business.


It saves you money

itsavesyoumoneyLack of confidence can seriously impact how people perform in their roles. Poorly trained or supported staff causes a number of issues – including staff retention. The average cost to a business to replace a staff member who has resigned is around £30,000! Investing in training saves you money in the long run.


It increases staff morale


When people do the same tasks over and over again they can get bored. Boredom and a lack of support can cause staff morale to drop – this in turn effects productivity and ultimately profit. Involving your workforce in a programme of training immediately re engages them, and statistics have proven that workbased training increases levels of staff morale. Employers who have recruited an apprentice have found that staff morale has also increased because people like to set a good example to new employees – particularly young people.

Do you know if the Apprenticeship Levy will affect your business yet? Click here for more information.

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