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How CT Skills can help hospitality staffing

Since the COVID-19 pandemic caused the working world to grind to a halt, it has been difficult for certain industries to get the cogs turning again.

One of these industries suffering with an influx of short staffing is the stereotypically popular Hospitality industry. According to, Hospitality businesses lost over 355,000 employees during the COVID period.

Alongside Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s regular updates, the UK population were most anticipating the return of one important sector: Hospitality. So, how has the return of the much loved UK pubs and restaurants managed to lack the return of Hospitality staff?

According to The Guardian, many workers in the industry came from Europe. With the situation of Brexit and Covid, many workers have decided to stay in Europe and commit to the jobs they applied for during the pandemic. Not only that, BBC stated a restaurant they interviewed claimed they were “unskilled”, suggesting they’re struggling to fit in training for new employees alongside the sudden demand of UK residents wanting to relish in the reopening of pubs and restaurants.

So, how can CT Skills help?

Since the reopening of the Hospitality industry, CT Skills has been working with employers across the Midlands and further, including nationwide names such as Premier Inn, to local names such as Boo.

CT Skills offers fully funded, online learning (with in-centre learning on the near horizon) courses to prepare learners with a relevant qualification and skillset for a successful career. More specifically, CT Skills offers a Customer Service course, specialised in training learners to succeed in Hospitality. Working alongside employers, learners then go onto have a guaranteed interview with the company, placing them one step ahead of individuals who have chosen to apply to the same role externally.

CT Skills thrives from helping employers near and far to succeed in these difficult circumstances. If you are part of a business wanting to work with us to hire your latest employees, take a look at our recruitment solutions page: