Health and Social Care Sector Based Work Academy

The Health and Social Care sector is undergoing radical and rapid change resulting in demand for well-trained and multi-skilled people in the sector. By completing this course you are giving yourself the opportunity to develop the personal skills and attributes needed to work effectively in a range of care environments whilst reinforcing your job search knowledge in preparation for work.

By joining our next Health and Social Care SBWA you will gain the knowledge and skills to take that first step to a new career. We run Health and Social Care SBWA with many employers across all types of care settings, from nursery to residential care so there is always something available to meet your needs. If you successfully complete the course you are guaranteed an interview for a live vacancy, working with a credible employer, where you can hone our new skills.

Sector Based Work Academies (SBWA)

Sector based work academies are ideal for those who are actively seeking work. We work with employers who have current vacancies and develop training courses to provide learners with the knowledge and skills to meet the employer’s needs and prepare them for success in interviews and in work.

Learners will complete 2-3 weeks classroom based training and on successful completion of the training they are guaranteed an interview for one of the live vacancies.

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