Financial consideration when hiring administrative staff

If you’re like most senior-level managers and business owners, the main thing holding you back from expanding your support staff is money. Another person on the payroll is an expense, but will the additional support be financially worth it?

To find out, ask yourself the following financially related questions.

How Much Value Would an Administrator Bring Your Business?

The bottom line – straightforward math tells us the employee must create more value than what is spent on their salary.

When your self-sufficiency has reached its max, hiring an executive assistant is the only way to get more done in the day. That’s where the value of administrative staff comes into play. A good admin assistant will make your workday more productive. They will take some of the “busy” work off your plate so you can continue to bring more value to the business.

The first step in deciding if an executive assistant is financially viable is to determine how much time they would save you and others in a day. How much is your time worth? Better yet, how much is your focus worth? Because when you aren’t getting sidetracked with administrative tasks you’re able to give your full attention to your real work.

Have You Maxed Out All Your Resources?

Before posting a job ad, consider if you have fully explored all the means for increasing your productivity. Technology has made many jobs less prevalent, because we can automate systems, get things done quickly and some tasks can be delineated to devices instead of people.

If you haven’t explored all your options for handling various tasks or taken a hard look at your systems, it may be that you need a digitally savvy recruit who can help streamline systems that could be automated as well as manage your administrative tasks. A Digital apprentice can be a perfect solution to this!

Are You Ready and Willing to Delegate Work?

The more tasks you can hand off to an Administrator, the more value you will get. For some managers handing off responsibilities can be difficult. You’re relinquishing some of the control, and you’re putting a lot of trust in someone else.

Sit down and consider your daily schedule. How much are you readily willing to hand-over? What can you train someone to handle? Do you have the time initially to train someone?

Until you know there is enough work for an Administrator to do, you will likely hold off hiring them. With an Administration apprentice the allocated Assessor will work with you to understand your department and train the apprentice on methods of improving efficiency and generate more opportunities for growth.

Bringing in a promising Administrator and recognizing that they are a vital part of your team can have a profound impact on productivity. Time is our greatest, most valuable resource, and talented administrative professionals have a knack for making more of it!

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