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Warehouse Operatives with PMP Recruitment- Milton Keynes

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PMP Recruitment are hiring for Warehouse Operatives to work at various warehouses in Milton Keynes.

All of the warehouse clients are popular retail giants.


The first role is a full time role. There are various shifts available at the first employer:

Early start times could be: 6.00-14.00, 6.30–14:30, 7:00-15:00, 7.30-15.30, 8:00-16:00, 8.30-16.30

Late start times could be: 14.00- 22.00, 15.00-23.00

This role also includes working Saturday and Sunday on a weekly basis.

The hourly working wage is £9.72 with an overtime rate of £14.58 after 40 hours of work are completed in a week.

The benefits in this role are attendance bonus during busy periods/sales and an online 50% discount code.


The second role has a variety of shift times available:

5:45- 13:45, 6:00-14:00, 12:00-22:00, 13:45-21:45, 14:00-22:00

Candidates must be able to work any of those shifts including weekends.

Shifts will be allocated to employees on a weekly basis.

The hourly wage is £9.60 with an overtime wage of £14.40 if more than 37.5 hours are completed in a week.

Due to the location of the warehouse, you must have your transport.


The third role has a variety of shift times available:

5:45-13:45, 6.30-14:30, 8.00-16:00, 9:00-17:00, 12:00 -20:00, 14:00-22:00

You must be fully flexible to work any shifts AM or PM and work any day during the week including


The hourly day wage (5am-2pm) is £9.50 rising to £9.70 after 12 weeks.

The hourly night wage (2pm-11pm) is £11.40 rising to £11.64 after 12 weeks. This specific pay rate only applies if you work a 2pm-11pm only.

The late shift overtime rate is £17.10 rising to £17.46 after 12 weeks.


  • Level 1 Employability
  • Level 2 Manual Handling

Length of Study: 6 days

Teaching Method: Online remote learning

Job Role: Warehouse Operatives


Would you like to get started?

  • Contact our customer service team on 0115 959 9544.
  • Book now to register your place onto a selection day. One of our customer service team members will be in touch shortly to confirm your attendance.

Who is it available to?
To complete this programme fully-funded you need to be:
• Aged 19+ and not in employment or education OR
• Unemployed or earning less than £17,374.50


Mon 07 2021


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