Support Workers with EMH Care- Matlock

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EMH Care are searching for Support Workers to work in and around Glossop, Matlock and Buxton.

This role includes working with vulnerable people with various degrees of needs, providing individualised care to each and every client.

Regular tasks include:

  • You will be a caring individual who has a passion and desire to provide care and to encourage inspire and support people to live their life to achieve their full potential.
  • You will work with vulnerable people, with various degrees of needs and you will develop professional relationships with the people you support in order to be able to provide individualised care that takes account of a person’s preferred lifestyle.
  • You will look for and encourage opportunities for people to participate in things that the person enjoys and you will encourage and motivate people to try new things to enhance their quality of life.
  • You will read and follow policies and procedures to ensure that a safe compliant service is delivered and you will report any concerns that you have about the delivery of our services.
  • You will accurately record the delivery of the service and any checks that you undertake to evidence how the service has been delivered.
  • You will develop relationships with relatives and any other individuals that play an active role in the persons life, particularly where the person need support to make decisions.
  • You will work with your Line Manager to ensure you have the support and guidance required to do a great job. You will identify and attend any training that will help you to deliver an excellent service and you will work with your Line Manager to look at and agree opportunities to develop within your career.
  • You will work in a way that enables people to make their own decisions. Where this is not possible, you will advocate on behalf of the person to ensure that any decisions that are made are in the best interest of the person.
  • You will help to ensure that customers are able to live in a safe environment. This will include helping customers to meet the terms and conditions of their tenancies and also carrying out duties to ensure that emh care and support meets its responsibilities as a Landlord to vulnerable people with varying degrees of need.

The working hours for this role is 40 hours per week. The wage for this role is above National Minimum Wage.


  • Level 1 Health & Social Care qualification
  • Level 1 Employability qualification

Length of Study: 15 days

Teaching Method: Online remote learning 

Job Role: Support Workers


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  • Contact our customer service team on 01332 332 401.
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Who is it available to?
To complete this programme fully-funded you need to be:

  • Aged 18+ and not in employment or education OR
  • Unemployed or earning less than £17,374.50
  • Be a British or EU citizen and lived in the EU for more than 3 years
  • be working to at least Level 1 in Literacy (assessed on selection day).


Tue 09 2021


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