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Front & Back of House Team Members with Nandos- Derby

Secure your guaranteed job interview by completing a Sector-Based Work Academy programme.

Fully funded by the UK Government, our pre-employment training courses are built with the purpose to ensure you gain a new skillset and qualification to begin or expand your career journey. The qualification you will receive can be up to Level 2, which is equivalent to a GCSE C grade.

Across the region there are thousands of new job opportunities in
Customer Service to support the thriving fast food sector. This is an
opportunity to rethink your career path and benefit from a new wave of new
restaurant jobs.
Nandos are searching for enthusiastic, motivated Front and Back of House
Team Members to work at their branch in Derby. This role includes a variety of
tasks, from grilling chicken to organising a busy kitchen. This role also includes
ensuring customers have a great experience from start to finish when dining
with Nandos.
There are part time and full time hours available with an hourly wage of
National Minimum Wage. There are a range of benefits available when
employed by Nandos.
At the end of your time with CT Skills, you will have the skills and
qualifications required to confidently attend a pre-arranged interview.

Qualification: Level 1 Customer Service

Length of Study: 6 Days

Teaching Method: Online Learning

Job Role: Front & Back of House Team Members 

Would you like to get started?

  • Contact our customer service team on 01332 332 401.
  • Fill in our RSVP form on this page to book your place onto this course.

Who is it available to?
To complete this programme fully-funded you need to be:
• Aged 18+ and not in employment or education OR
• Unemployed or earning less than £17,374.50


Wed 05 2021


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