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16-24: Five Day Career Finder

Thursday 23rd May. Limited Availability. Develop an understanding of what Marketing, Finance & Administration mean in 2019.


May 23, 2019


The expectation: leave school with six figure salary by 24

The reality: Over 84% of 24 year olds still haven’t found their long term career

So, you’re here because you’re either a fresh school leaver and overwhelmed by conflicting advice or you’ve been living your best life for the last 6 years and you’ve ran out of Netflix series to binge.
Either way… Believe us when we say as a member of Generation Z, you have grown up learning skills that are invaluable to every single business 
in the Midlands.


The reality.
Degrees and higher education are no longer the only route to a successful career. Empowered with access to unlimited information and platforms to communicate around the world, Generation Z are taking careers into their own hands.
The opportunity.
Technology is infiltrating jobs and processes across every sector and who better to embed this change than the generation who knows no different.
The change.
CT Skills are holding a 5 day masterclass designed to help you identify your ideal career using the skills and knowledge you have developed throughout your life.
During the fully-funded 5 day programme you will complete a project with a range of our in-house industry experts that will redefine the way you perceive your existing skill set.


Develop an understanding of what Marketing, Finance & Administration mean in 2019.


The boring bit.
This programme is fully funded by the government for those who are:
  • Aged 16-24
  • Able to commit to 5 days training at the CT Skills training centres in Beeston or Derby City.


Funding Bodies