16-24: Five Day Career Finder

Monday 24th June. Limited Availability. Develop an understanding of what Marketing, Finance & Administration mean in 2019.


Lorna Burrows
Digital Marketing Trainer/Assessor
Ellis Fisher
Accountancy Trainer/Assessor


June 24, 2019


June 24, 2019


CT Skills Beeston, Derby Road, Beeston, Notts, NG9 2TA   View map

June 2019 will mean different things for many of you- whether it’s completing your last GCSE exam, signing off the last elements of your BTEC or closing the paper on your final A-Level exam, you are all at a major career crossroads.

Your next move will undoubtedly carve a path for your early career so it is vital to ensure you access a variety of guidance streams.

What we’re offering. 

CT Skills are holding a 5 day masterclass designed to help you identify your ideal career using the skills and knowledge you have developed throughout your life.

During the fully-funded 5 day programme you will complete a project with a range of our in-house industry experts that will redefine the way you perceive your existing skill set.


What you’re offering. 

Degrees and higher education are no longer the only route to a successful career. Empowered with access to unlimited information and platforms to communicate around the world, Generation Z are taking careers into their own hands. Employers are actively seeking new junior recruits with the unique skill-set that you possess without even realising it. We’re here to help you identify your strengths and your areas of growth.


What will you walk away with. 

During the course you will work with our in-house experts, all of which not only work with employers on a daily basis to deliver apprenticeship models but have also worked at senior level in their relevant industry. Upon completion of the 5 day programme you will benefit from:

  • Analysis of your existing personal skill set and ‘career matched’ to an ideal industry
  • In-depth understanding of the career opportunities made available by a Marketing, Administration or Accountancy qualification
  • Opportunity to meet Midlands employers with live apprenticeship vacancies
  • Full reference and advocacy of your suitability for specific roles to employers
  • Updated CV including 5-day work experience
  • Interview technique and preparation


The boring bit.
This programme is fully funded by the government for those who are:
  • Aged 16-24
  • Able to commit to 5 days training at the CT Skills training centres in Beeston or Derby City.






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