Goverment Backed Childcare traineeship

Nurture and support your future workforce from the first step of their career
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Childcare Traineeship Placements

A Childcare Traineeship allows an organisation to support local young people on their first step into a career with a temporary work placement. It also offers the opportunity to work first-hand with potential young recruits to identify their suitability for a full-time role.

There are a number of other benefits to supporting young people into work through the Traineeship scheme with CT Skills:

  • All candidates will receive Level 1 Caring for Children qualification, an Essential Digital Skills certificate and an Employability certificate
  • Free DBS check completed prior to placement
  • Flexible working structure to suit your business demands
  • Meet your CSR to local young people

Traineeship placements offer an unmatched opportunity to identify new apprenticeship recruits, which are complimented by a number of additional benefits: 

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What to expect

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Post Placement Outcomes

The ultimate goal for all parties involved in any Traineeship placement is for the young person to make a positive impression and secure a full-time role or Apprenticeship.

At CT Skills we are able to support your new recruit through a Level 2 or Level 3 Childcare apprenticeship.

Where a permanent job can’t be offered to the Trainee at the end of their placement, the employer as a minimum will offer quality work experience, referencing and a job interview. The Trainee will be able to utilise these new tools to apply for future Childcare roles.

What's required


Pay & Conditions

You don’t have to pay trainees or give them expenses, but you can if you want to.

Together we will determine:

  • what days and times the trainee will attend their work placement
  • The duties and responsibilities the will have

You must give constructive feedback and advice during the placement.

You should give the trainee a job or exit interview and formal feedback at the end of the placement.

“We were keen to explore how we could support young people within our local area and through talking to CT Skills we found out that we could offer this kind of training and experience to young people.”
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Sue Bancroft
head of policy and employee relations at nft