CT Skills provides Shannon with the confidence boost she needs

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After leaving her previous job and working as a mum at home Shannon was looking for a confidence boost and a new future. Following a job centre visit, she was recommended a customer service course with a guaranteed job interview upon completion. She commented: ‘The course came up and I thought I could pick it up quite quickly and it would be nice to have something to boost my confidence.’

The only concern that Shannon had was the fact that she lived in the outside of the city and her inability to drive might have been an issue. She quickly realised that that wasn’t going to be a problem with our new Virtual Learning Environment. ‘The fact I could do it at home was a big help. It wasn’t too heavy in regards that you didn’t have to be on call for a whole day and it’s quite flexible in regards to getting it all handed in with deadlines.’

After finding her rhythm on the course, Shannon quickly started to embark on her training journey. Not only would Shannon be studying the intricacies of customer service but also everything she needs to succeed at her guaranteed interview. She said ‘I learnt a lot on interview techniques because I wasn’t very good with interviews and that was impacting my confidence as well. I was completing interviews successfully instead of just winging it.’

So, as you can see a course at CT Skills isn’t just an education in your chosen sector. We aim to prepare you for your career and give you every opportunity to succeed, sometime that can come in the form of confidence-building. Shannon stated that the reason for her gaining employment was helped by her boost in confidence at the end of the course. She said ‘I didn’t want to put my camera on, I wouldn’t talk or get involved in group work, I just wanted to sit in the background and get my work done. Jane gave me the push I needed because as soon as I got the job, I had to be hands-on and involved. I was dreading it and now I fly through it. It’s no longer an issue to go on a call, I can talk to whoever I need to.’

So, does Shannon recommend CT Skills to others?

‘Definitely yeah, people who aren’t confident and have obstacles within themselves could benefit from it really well. Just to have a tutor that gives you the reassurance and the flexibility with the course it was really helpful.’

If you’re struggling with your confidence and want to start your career, book now!

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