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How ready is your business for Brexit?

Last week the government published its Operation Yellowhammer paper – a report that stated the government’s ‘worst case’ planning assumptions for a ‘no deal’ Brexit. In a time when it’s difficult to separate fact from fiction, one paragraph stood out to me as being a fair reflection of my experience talking to business owners: “Business…


CT Skills changed my life for the better

This year alone, there are over 5,000 adults in Mansfield who are ready to either learn a new skill or secure full time employment. Amongst those 5,000 seeking a job was Mark O’Connor, 50, who had officially been an unemployed Mansfield resident since 2007.


3aaa Part 2 – Doing the right thing?

News Moving to an alternative apprenticeship provider isn’t something many people think about or even consider. However, what do you do when the provider you are using goes in to administration?   CT Skills CEO Alex Ford explains how you should protect yourself when trying to find a new training provider. The initial dignified offers of…