Case Study: How an apprenticeship with CT Skills paved my future career path

Case Study

When Beth Creswell left school, she naturally continued her studies by undertaking three A Level’s so she could begin to pave the way for a bright career path.

Like many 18 year olds, after completing her A Level’s, Beth felt unsure whether she should go to university or pursue an apprenticeship. She began researching the opportunities available to her and came across CT Skills, which is when she found a Customer Service apprenticeship with health and safety consultancy firm, AW Safety.

After speaking with the recruitment team at CT Skills, Beth was put forward for the apprenticeship with AW Safety and has never looked back.

We caught up with Beth to find out more about her future as an apprentice.

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“Before my interview, CT Skills would ring me often to make sure I was feeling ok and if I had any questions. They made me very confident in the fact that I had support.”

How did you come across the apprenticeship opportunity with CT Skills?

I came across CT skills after finishing Sixth Form , I decided to have a look online for apprenticeships and  whilst I was looking doing this I found CT Skills and the Customer Service role for AW safety. I quickly applied online and within days I received a call back from the team at CT Skills to tell me that my C.V matched the vacancy available with AW Safety.

Could you tell us more about what you were doing before you began the apprenticeship?

Before I started my apprenticeship, I spent two years studying for my A Level’s at my old school, I studied three A Level’s in Art, Philosophy & Ethics and Health & Social Care.  My A Level’s gave me the skills and expertise to help towards my future as an apprentice.

Could you describe the recruitment process with CT Skills?

Yes, the process was very quick from the moment I applied; they got in touch straight away, organized my interview. They also rang often to make sure I was feeling okay and if I had any questions. They made me very confident in the fact that I had support.

How does your apprenticeship help you in your day to day duties at AW Safety?

My apprenticeship helps me with being able to be aware of the job role I’m in and the type of work I can be doing. I didn’t past my maths GCSE and now during my apprenticeship I can undertake maths Functional Skills and gain the qualification I have longed for.  The apprenticeship is also useful as it will guide me to be able to receive a full-time position with AW safety.

How are you finding the apprenticeship experience overall?

So far I am really enjoying my apprenticeship, I have started to feel more independent in my job role thanks to the support I am receiving, I know that there is always someone I can speak to if there is something that I am struggling with. I know I am being guided by people who really want me grow within AW safety.

What would you like to do after finishing your apprenticeship?

I am hoping once my apprenticeship has completed, I will be able to work at AW safety with a full-time position still in the Sales team. I would love to use my apprenticeship qualification to grow in my role at AW Safety.

Do you think the course has changed you in anyway?

I think with the role I am in it has given me a lot more confidence as I am always meeting new people and talking to people over the phone. It has also made me a lot more driven as I really enjoy my job and want to do well.

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