Case Study: CT Skills supported me through the most difficult time of my life…


Over the past twenty years, CT Skills has transformed thousands of lives through a personalised approach to all training and delivery. As well as helping individuals to recognise their strengths and skills, CT Skills also supports them through any challenges they may be facing in their lives.

Single mother, Rebecca Dunne first came to CT Skills after being referred by her local job centre for a Functional Skills Maths course in order to strengthen her employability prospects.  After having her two children, Rebecca suffered with low self-esteem and anxiety so always felt that she didn’t have the confidence or qualifications behind her to secure a job.

On her first day at CT Skills Rebecca felt extremely nervous but after meeting her new tutor, Richard she began to relax and focus on the course ahead.

Rebecca explained;

“After having my two children, I lost my social life and felt that I didn’t speak to adults anymore. It was tough finding a new job so all of this really affected my confidence and I ended up suffering with anxiety. However after starting the course with Richard, my mind felt at ease and in time my confidence was slowly coming back.”

However, within weeks of starting the course and taking control of her future, Rebecca received the overwhelming diagnosis of cervical cancer and required emergency surgery to remove a 4cm tumor as well as a full hysterectomy.

Following surgery, CT Skills provided Rebecca with continuous support and tutor Richard would regularly call to check she was making a full recovery.  Determined to not let the cancer beat her, Rebecca decided she would continue with her Maths course and achieve the qualification she had worked so hard towards.

She continued;

“I remember sitting in my hospital bed a few days after surgery and I just wanted to finish my studies as I didn’t want to let the cancer affect my future.  As soon as I was ready to leave the hospital, I went straight to CT Skills and within weeks I had successfully completed my Level 2 Maths qualification. Looking back I still don’t know how I managed it but being at CT Skills made me realise I am much stronger than I thought!”

Rebecca’s luck continued and during a follow up appointment with her Doctor, she was given the all clear and was told the surgery had been successful. With her personal battles slowly becoming part of her history and more determined than ever, Rebecca enrolled onto a Functional Skills English course with tutor Amy Grzebisz.

Rebecca concluded;

“Amy is a great tutor and she is very understanding, once I have completed both my Maths and English qualifications there is nothing left standing between me and my dream of working in an office environment. The final step in my journey with CT Skills is to complete the Business Administration course so I can secure a job with all the technical and employability skills they need! CT Skills supported me through the most difficult time of my life, so for anyone undecided about a course here, I would ask what it is that you’re waiting for!”