Case Study: CT Skills learners make friends for life and secure their dream jobs


Unemployment in Leicester has now reached an all time high as 28,900 adults’ were declared out of work in 2018. Amongst those residents struggling to secure employment were Jade Ashton, 26, and Ben Tuitt, 27, who had both been unemployed for over a year.

After facing redundancy, Jade was regularly attending interviews but each time she was getting rejected due to her lack of qualifications.   Feeling frustrated, Jade eventually spoke to an advisor at her local job centre, and it was here she learned more about a Sector Based Work Academy with CT Skills which offered her a fully-funded qualification along with a guaranteed interview with a local employer.

Jade commented;

“I didn’t realise an opportunity like this even existed, so when I found out I immediately jumped at the chance. After looking at the courses available, I decided to enroll on the Customer Service qualification which offered an interview with both the Marriott and the Mercure Hotels. At first I was worried about going back in to a school environment, but my tutor Dale made me immediately feel at ease and not long after starting, I met Ben so we relied on each other throughout the entire learning process.”

Similar to Jade, Ben was keen to find a job within the hospitality industry and had always dreamed of one day becoming a chef. Ben had had been searching for a while, when a friend told him about CT Skills Leicester and the opportunities they have on offer. Soon after, he had reserved a space on to the course and was keen about his new future prospects.

Ben continued;

“I agree with Jade, it was great making a friend on the course as I felt more relaxed having someone to study with. After completing the course, CT Skills prepared me for my interview by making sure I was confident with my answers, showing positive body language and how to make myself stand out against other candidates.”

Both learners attended interviews with the Mercure and Marriott Hotels in Leicester and felt they were ready and prepared for the opportunity.

Jade said;

“The interviews felt a lot easier, because I knew I now had the knowledge and experience behind me. Four days later, I was offered the Events Hostess position with the Mercure hotel which I was thrilled about. I would definitely recommend CT Skills as I gained a qualification and secured a job within 4 weeks!”

Ben concluded;

“For the first time ever, I enjoyed attending an interview and it must have shown as the Marriott hotel were that pleased with me they offered me my dream role as an Apprentice Commis Chef. I would definitely recommend CT Skills as they opened a door for me and have changed my life for the better. I have not only made a friend for life, I have also found my career path.”

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