Case Study: CT Skills grew my confidence and helped me to secure a job with Iceland

Case Study

The Goal:

CT Skills were offering a short 10 day Customer Service & Personal Development for Employability (PDE) course at their centre in Derby. The course provided local residents with the skills and confidence required to work in a Customer Service position as well as covering additional topics such as C.V and Cover Letter writing and interview techniques.

The Challenge:

Like many 16-24 year olds, 19 year old Gemma Redfearne felt unsure about her future career prospects and what opportunities would suit her. She had trialed a few college courses but felt that she never really fitted in as it was too similar to a school environment, which she did not enjoy as she had longed to be in full-time employment.  However, whenever Gemma applied for a vacancy she was always told she lacked the experience or qualifications desired for the role.

Whilst continuing to search for a career, she came across the Customer Service and PDE course on Indeed which would offer her both the qualification and experience she would need to find employment.

Gemma quickly applied for the opportunity and within a week she was starting the course at the CT Skills centre in Derby.

Gemma said;

“I never enjoyed college as I always felt that I was treated like I was still in school, CT Skills wasn’t like that and my tutor Chris Dixon spoke to me like I was an adult which made me enjoy coming to his class every day. The course was really helpful and Chris helped me to create a C.V and Cover Letter which would stand out against other candidates.”

The Result:

Throughout the course, Chris worked closely with Gemma to create an application for a Customer Service Assistant role she had seen with frozen food retailers, Iceland.  Chris supported Gemma throughout the process and provided her with advice and techniques she could use with future applications.

Within weeks of completing the course, Gemma received a phone call from Iceland offering her an interview for the Customer Service Assistant role.

Gemma continued;

“CT Skills massively helped me with securing the interview and Chris provided me with the confidence to help me in the interview. After I finished the interview, Iceland offered me the role and I knew I couldn’t have done it without the advice and guidance at CT Skills. I have been with Iceland for over a week now and I am really enjoying it and hope to progress here.”

Tutor Chris Dixon concluded;

“Initially Gemma was very quiet and seemed unsure about herself, it wasn’t until she participated in the customer service role play scenarios that she really started to shine. After that moment, she started being more vocal in discussions and that was great as she really added value to group discussions.”