Career progression for Section Manager Mark after an apprenticeship

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CT Skills were pleased to meet Mark, Section Leader at Alloga, who was keen to share his journey with us after he decided to progress his career by undertaking a Team Leader & Supervisor apprenticeship.

Mark had been looking to undertake further study whilst in his position with Alloga but hadn’t found the right training provider or qualification. When Alloga advertised a Team Leading qualification with CT Skills, Mark decided to undertake the qualification. Mark Explains “I had been looking for a way to push myself within the job and this particular course really resounded with me.”

Mark felt the impact from the course immediately and impressed with the structure of the course and how he could implement the course into his day-to-day operations.

He continued “The course lived up to my expectations, it was quite in depth and every section built on the previous, so it really impacted on my day-to-day operations.”

The Level 3 Management qualification covers a range of topics leadership styles, planning projects and more. Mark felt that by undertaking the course he has been able to plan his time more efficiently.

Mark said “I’m more forward thinking on planning. I find myself looking forward within my role as section leader and things I know are going to be coming up and planning for projects early which makes it a lot less stressful. You find yourself in front and not planning for things quickly in a short space of time. It has involved a lot more trust in my staff and the training my staff have been given. I’m gaining because I’m not having to go through all of the information and my staff are gaining because they are doing training and getting feedback from me.”

Apprenticeships can be used to help you develop within your existing role and improve in areas you may not have thought about.

Mark explained “I’ve shown that I have the discipline and ability to learn new tasks, to help myself and to help the business. The Team Leader/Supervisor also helped me to be more mindful on how I present myself which is always an advantage.”

Mark hopes that completing his apprenticeship will help him progress within the company.

Mark continued “My goals for the future are a promotion and continuing to improve in own position as well. Alloga are a forward-thinking company and we are currently expanding so hopefully opportunity will arise for me in the future.”

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