Apprenticeship Journey: Beth’s Blog

Apprenticeship Journey: Beth’s Blog


Christmas Blog 

Apprentice: Beth Wood (20)
Job Role: Recruitment Administrator with CT Skills
Qualification: Business Administration Level 3

Welcome back guys, I hope you’ve had a successful few months in whatever you might be doing whether it is working alongside us within an apprenticeship, having  completed an apprenticeship with us therefore, are now putting all your newly found knowledge into action or something completely different, either way I’m sure you’re smashing it!  Christmas is approaching and 2019 is closer than ever, I have high hopes approaching the New Year and have my heart set on achieving many things within 2019.

“Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes”

My apprenticeship with CT Skills is going so well, I am still enjoying it every day and have formed such a great bond with my Recruitment Team as well as other staff members throughout the business.  Although I have had a few little life bumps in the road like every single one of us experience, CT Skills have been as supportive as ever which makes it that little bit easier when keeping focused at work. I’m so very excited to see where this apprenticeship takes me and what I’m able to achieve whilst working with CT Skills!

Half way through already, time really does fly by when you’re having fun! I’ve learnt so much about the business, about training providers and recruitment as well as about myself. Like how I work within an office environment. How I’m able to work alongside my own team. How I’m able to learn new skills every day and put them into action. Each day I am able to advise others on amazing career and life changes which they can make for themselves. This could be helping someone to find the right apprenticeship for them so they are then able to progress within a great company. Or advising them about our classroom based learning, whilst passing their details on to our Customer Service team so they are able to sign them up to one of the many training courses we offer. This can range from Business Administration to Health and Social care and even Customer Service, there are so many opportunities available for you!

Whether you’re based in Nottingham, Mansfield, Derby or Leicester, then our Made in The Midlands campaign might be made for you. We have so many apprenticeship vacancies becoming available every week whether it is working within Business Administration to Health and Social Care, Accountancy to Childcare and even Human Resources. These not only offer a great opportunity to learn new skills but also the chance to work with some amazing employers.

Six months left of being an apprentice and still so many opportunities available to me during and after my apprenticeship, just like there would be for you too! Completing projects which allows not only my team to understand my role within the business but also myself, by narrowing down every aspect of what I do and how it may affect, as well as help my team. The ability to progress as a team member, employer and as a person, with allowing room for improvement and excepting constructive criticism is vital when aiming to progress.

Oscar Wilde once said, ‘Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes’, I mean how can we become the better version of ourselves if we aren’t able to except and learn from our mistakes? Well there you go some words of wisdom for you to take on into the New Year. So if you are thinking about starting an apprenticeship but are worried you might not have the right skills, knowledge or experience. Then just remember you can’t be expected to know it all from day one, we and our employers know this. We aren’t all rocket scientists and we certainly don’t all have brains like Albert Einstein, but we do all have the ability to learn and progress with that little bit of extra support and guidance!

Please feel free to give us a call on 0115 951 7261 for more information on what we offer as a company, what we can do for you as a learner or as an employer or maybe just some advice if you’re feeling a little bit ‘stuck’. 

We wish you all a very happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year from us all at CT Skills.

See you soon