In support of National Apprenticeship Week 2017, we are launching a competition in which a small group of talented young people get the opportunity to experience their dream job for a fortnight. 

The winners of the competition will participate in a 2-week ‘apprenticeship taster’ during the 2017 summer holidays. All the companies we are partnered with have real vacancies and will offer a full-time apprenticeship job interview at the end of the taster fortnight. 

The competition application process consists of a simple questionnaire detailing basic information about yourself, the industry you want a career in and simply why you would like this opportunity. All short listed applicants will be invited to interview at one of our centres before the winners are assigned to their dream ‘Day In The Life’ apprenticeship experience. 

So, do you have what it takes to make it in your chosen industry?

Anyone choosing an apprenticeship has a clear advantage in terms of knowledge of the business world, compared to someone who has been through higher education. Compared to most graduates, apprentices have at least three years more experience – and maybe more!

All our apprentices will build up knowledge and skills every day at work whilst still working towards a nationally recognised qualification. 

CT Skills 'A Day In The Life' apprenticeship competition



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