A guide to achieving an apprenticeship with CT Skills

Deciding between University, Apprenticeships and a regular job role has been an ongoing debate for a long time.

However, if you have decided to pursue an apprenticeship, this guide will direct you on securing an apprenticeship with CT Skills.

Choosing your apprenticeship sector

Firstly, it is vital to decide what sector and career you wish to delve into. Digital Marketing? Business Administration? Childcare?

Make your decision based on topics such as passions, school subjects you most enjoyed and interests. It is important you strive to enjoy your apprenticeship and wish to gain knowledge and experience in a sector you are interested in.

After you have chosen, visit CT Skills website and view the “Apprenticeship Vacancies” page. All available apprenticeships with local employers are listed on the website and are updated on a weekly basis.

Doing your research

Found an apprenticeship you like? Before clicking the “apply online” button, ensure you have read the entire job description, including qualifications needed, skills required and wage offering. Consider whether you are capable of all the listed requirements, whilst also ensuring the location and wage is suitable for your personal specifications.

If you are certain you want to apply to this role, make sure you do your research! Take the time to research the employer and become familiar with the company values and ethos. Furthermore, ensure you understand the responsibilities and tasks within the job role. By knowing this, you can collaborate your work qualities with the required responsibilities in the role, making your CV and cover letter desirable.

Applying to the apprenticeship

The application process is straightforward on the CT Skills website. Do not forget to fill in all the required boxes, as entering details such as your phone number and email address is vital for CT Skills to contact you.

The cover letter is especially important when applying to a role online. A cover letters’ purpose is to formally introduce yourself, your skills and experience as well as explain why you are applying to the specific role. Use this resource to your advantage by displaying your qualifications and previous experience, explaining why your relevant skills could be advantageous to the role you are applying to. Your tone of voice (language) should be formal and polite, as representing yourself well is especially important.

CT Skill’s application process features an attachment feature. Use this to attach your CV and any relevant portfolio work to your application. Ensure you have attached all work which will make your application stand out to the employers and display your knowledge within the sector.

Check and double check you have entered all the correct information within your application before you send it off! Take the time to check your cover letter for any spelling or grammar mistakes and proofread your content.

Time for your interview!

Congratulations on achieving an interview! First impressions are important, so ensure you have fully prepared for your interview with the employer. Referring to the previous point of research, touch up on the company’s information as well as what is expected within the role. Use whatever method helps you memorise facts as holding an engaging conversation and demeanour within an interview is key!

Also, make sure you are dressed appropriately! Go clothes shopping or search through your wardrobe and aim to wear attire to suit the role which will help you look the part.

Write down questions you can ask the employer. By asking relevant questions about the department, company successes and company goals, this shows the employer you are interested in the role and willing to learn about the department and company.

Aim to be confident within your interview. Nerves are expected, however encourage yourself to be positive and friendly towards the interviewer whilst maintaining eye contact and being responsive within conversation. This will make an impression on the interviewer, even before you answer any questions!


CT Skills wishes you luck with applying for a new, exciting apprenticeship!