Career Progression for Teaching Assistant, Kirsty.

Managing employment, motherhood and training. Read how Kirsty Jepson of Derbyshire has excelled in all fields. 
Kirsty, full-time Teaching Assistant, is close to becoming the first CT Skills apprentice to complete the new Teaching Assistant qualification with the support of her employer, Heanor Gate Science College.
We checked in to see how the experience has been and what’s next for her career. 


Determined to push her career forward in education Kirsty decided a formal Teaching Assistant work-based qualification was the best option for her as a mum and full-time member of staff within a school, she explained; 

I had already been in my Learning and Progress Assistant role about for about 2 years before I started. Even though I had knowledge of the role I wasn’t sure of all the sections that would be included in the apprenticeship. I’ve also previously done an apprenticeship in hairdressing, so I already knew that the training could accommodate my job.” 

What was it that led her to take the CT Skills route, Kirsty explains; 

I was already in a role that I wanted to keep. Im also a mum so I’ve got a busy lifestyle. I think that the apprenticeship has really worked for me and I’ve been able to keep my lifestyle being a working mum whilst also getting a qualification at the same time. 

So how has Kirsty been able to manage her studies alongside her busy lifestyle? She explained; 

“At times it’s been hard, especially after we came out of lockdown. Heanor Gate was super busy, so I found it tricky to balance it, but my tutor was really supportive. The training worked really well and the team supported us throughoutMy tutor pointed out the areas that I excelled in and helped me with the areas where I needed more support. She has been great!” 

So for anyone who is also considering this route, Kirsty has this to say; 

“It puts you in a better position than someone that doesn’t have the qualification. That’s always going to be good for you if you want to progress. It really benefits your role, the tasks that we’ve been set are always developing my skillsIm constantly gaining more knowledge and building my confidence to do more in my role.”

So what routes has this opened for Kirsty? She tells us; 

“I recently had my appraisal and looking to the future I think I would like to progress into more of a pastoral roleits the behavioural side of things that really interests me. Since starting my apprenticeship I have moved up a little bit, I continue to do the in class learning and progress assisting but I’m also on the intervention team. Specifically working with small groups and teaching literacy. This is where my passion really lies for the future. 


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