4 Steps to Working Effectively At Home

It’s a misunderstood factor that working from home can cause a lot more disruption than at your desk in the office. From pets to housework, not forgetting that box of celebrations in the fridge, suddenly that chatty co-worker at the office doesn’t seem like much of a distraction after all.

So, how can you stay motivated at your place of relaxation?

Set up a workspace

It’s important to surround yourself with a familiar working environment. Setting up your laptop and work equipment on a desk in a quiet room is a great way to get into the working mindset. However, things don’t have to be corporate! Placing flowers, family photos or trinkets on your desk can help ease tension and stress when working your shift. Setting up your workspace by a window increases self positivity and boosts your overall mood.

Mimic your work day schedule

Working from home doesn’t mean you have to change your day to day schedule. Begin your work day at the usual time and set yourself the same breaks as you would in the office. Taking a 30 minute lunch and small breaks throughout the day can help you maintain motivation and a positive mindset. Don’t feel chained to your desk! Stretch, walk around and spend your break outside if it’s a sunny day. Changing your usual schedule exposes the risk of a lack of productivity and a decrease in work ethic.

Don’t isolate yourself

Working alone doesn’t mean you have to stay isolated. Keep the communications flowing through work emails, Whatsapp your team and take advantage of free video call apps such as Microsoft Zoom and Skype. A survey by Talentlms showed when working remotely, 27% of survey takers communicated with co-workers via Skype, 14% used Dropbox and 13% used Whatsapp, with the remaining percentages using other forms of online communication.

Use a task management system

Having to manage your workload away from the office can be a tricky task. Luckily, there are plenty of task management systems available online. A great example is Asana, a system which allows you and your team to schedule in tasks, collaborate on projects and keep each other updated. By having a helping hand with organisation, you will be able to work more efficiently and stay stress free with your schedule.

By utilising the above tips, you will have created a productive working space where you can work to your full potential like you never left the office! Don’t forget, it takes time to adjust to working remotely, so don’t expect to settle into your new routine on day 1!