Apprenticeships Or A-Levels in 2020 for Local Student

Name: Amelia Harris
Age: 15
Position: Marketing Department Work Experience
Topic: Career Advice Experience of a Generation Z Student


As a student in my final year at school and I am now starting to think of what my options are after I finish my GCSE’s. Me and my friends think the idea of leaving school is exciting as it opens new paths for which will determine our future. It can also get a bit nerve-racking at times with so many potential routes but with the right advice I now feel comfortable on where I want to go.

As I want to become a teacher, I know that going the Sixth Form is the best option for me or to find an apprenticeship as a Teaching Assistant. As my GCSE’s are coming, I know I need to achieve at least 5x 4-9 grades in my subjects and in my A-levels, I would like to get at least 6’s even though I don’t need them to secure a place on the education route I want to go. If teaching wasn’t for me, achieving this will provide me with lots of opportunities. Once I have secured a degree level qualification I am also keen to get a QTS which is a Qualified Teacher Status.

Another really important aspect to my early career will be getting the right work experience opportunities. Whilst in the break after my GCSE’s, I would also look for some work experience in a primary school so I could get used to the work environment and see if this is the right thing for me.

Traditionally, there was one clear respected route into education: university. For me, I have learnt that not only are there various routes into teaching but also that I don’t have to be a teacher to work in a school. There are different options like IT technician, kitchen staff, support staff and more which all offer the opportunity to work in an education environment.

Students taking the post-16 apprenticeship route has increased by 500% between 2004 and 2018. This is because of the increased value that apprenticeships offer school leavers as well as employers. The graph below shows how the estimated number of A-Level or vocational course students has increased.

Personally, for me, A-Levels offer the best opportunity to develop a broad skill set without limiting my options solely to teaching. I am really excited about leaving school so I can start my A-levels. I feel like becoming a teacher really enlightens my future as I have always wanted to have this job.