Managing Turnover Within A Sales Team

The average sales turnover rate is 35%, compared to an average turnover rate for all industries of 13%.

The truth is there is no one reason for this but there are a few steps you can take immediately to ensure that you are confident your team aren’t leaving due to dissatisfaction. 

Ask yourself if you are consistently following these steps in ensuring you reduce the number of sales people who leave your department/organisation:

Create a crystal-clear hiring process specifically for your sales team. 

The second highest cause of employee turnover is when an employee is a poor fit for the job.

Sometimes, employees are hired even though they’re not necessarily the right fit for your sales team. You can ensure you bring more qualified people onto your sales team by asking better sales interview questions to see if someone would thrive in your company.

On top of that, sometimes employees feel like they’re not a good fit for the role because expectations were not made clear. Once employees join your sales team, give them a sales onboarding and training plan with clear goals and expectations for their role so they can better understand how to thrive and operate.

Offer clear paths for advancement.

We can say this with almost complete certainty: no one wants to cold call for their whole life. Entry-level BDRs/BDMs typically have their sights set on inside or outside sales, account executive, or even sales manager roles. If these employees don’t see a path to one of these roles, there’s a good chance they’ll look for that upward mobility elsewhere.

Be up front with employees about what opportunities exist beyond their current sales roles, what it will take to advance, and a rough timeline of how long it will take to get there.

Be open about your sales plan. 

Another big reason for sales turnover is a perceived lack of connection with or view of incompetency of leadership. Given how hectic and stressful working in sales can be, it’s understandable when the big picture gets lost — but it’s not excusable if that’s causing a high turnover rate.

One best practice is to document and share your company’s sales plan. Offering transparency about your sales team, process, and goals to your salespeople gives them the insight needed to rally behind leadership’s aspirations for the company and tactics to realise them.

Depending on the industry and products/services you sell, investing in Advertising, Administration or Management apprenticeships can significantly improve the stability of your Sales team. Identifying your main causes of turnover will help you to identify where an apprentice could help: 

  • Under performance– most commonly caused by large volumes of administrative work which distracts your Sales team from utilising the specialist skills you recruited them for. A team Business Administrator Apprentice can be a simple solution to improving the output of the entire department.
  • Dissatisfaction- those who aren’t offered clear advancement paths can often become dissatisfied in their role. Offering talented individuals the opportunity to develop their leadership skills through Team Leader or Management Apprenticeships can be a powerful way of demonstrating the value you see in them.
  • Competitive landscape- Sales is arguably the most competitive industry for talent and recruitment. With no signs of this changing it is vital that your Sales team feel your organisation offers an exciting opportunity for the future. Investing in an Digital Advertising Apprentice allows you to continuously expand and develop your sales strategy and offer great prospects to your team.