Case Study: Matt’s career path to success with CT Skills

The Journey

CT Skills were pleased to meet with 18 year old, Matt Chafer who was keen to share his journey to success with us after he decided last minute to take an alternative route in to becoming a qualified accountant.

In September 2019, Matt had just achieved successful A Level results in Maths, Physics and Chemistry and therefore he had received unconditional offers to study Accountancy at four sought after universities. Matt was keen to become an Accountant but also felt that university would delay his chance of entering the world of work and earning an income by three more years.

Matt explains;

“For me it was mainly about earning the money to get around and pay for petrol for my car. When I was born I unfortunately had cancer in my spine area, so after a successful operation the cancer was removed but because the nerve in my spine was cut, it meant I wouldn’t be able to ever walk.”

Due to his disability, Matt felt that he didn’t want to wait another three years before earning a full time income and therefore looked at alternative options to university.

As he knew he wanted a career within accountancy he looked at apprenticeship opportunities within the local area and eventually came across an AAT Apprenticeship with CT Skills which also offered a Payroll Assistant Apprentice position with leading cash handling firm, Loomis.

Matt continues;

“I live by the motto ‘If you have the right mentality then the world is your oyster’ this gave me the drive to apply for the role and take the alternative career path that I was now considering. After applying for the vacancy, I quickly received a call from Ross in the recruitment team at CT Skills who was interested in meeting me to go through my C.V and application support for the role with Loomis.”

The Approach

Across a two week period, Ross organised meetings with Matt to discuss interview techniques, improving his C.V and application support for the role with Loomis.

Ross said;

“This was Matt’s first time at writing a C.V and application forms for a role, so at first I went through example C.V’s with him and discussed techniques that employers look for. Even though Matt is already confident, we still went through interview questions and answers so that his confidence would shine at the interview stage.”

After submitting his application with Ross’ support, Matt received an interview with Loomis and was quickly offered the apprenticeship vacancy.
Within a matter of days, Matt was beginning his role within the payroll department and had enrolled to begin the AAT Accountancy apprenticeship with CT Skills.

The Impact

Matt explains;

“I have just completed my first apprenticeship assignment and I already feel that I have a greater understanding of accountancy which is also supporting in my role with Loomis. My CT Skills Assessor, Catherine is enthusiastic in her delivery of the course which has been an extremely positive learning experience for me.”

CT Skills has continued to work with Matt to develop his skill set as well as confidence in and outside of the work place. Outside of work, Matt is a professional wheelchair basketball player and he feels that since starting his apprenticeship, his drive to succeed has been reflected on the basketball court.

Matt continues;

“I just feel very excited about my future and growing as a person, I know that by the time my friends finish university I will already have three years of accountancy experience under my belt which is invaluable.”

Next Steps

After completing his apprenticeship, Matt has big plans to grow further in his role with Loomis and would be keen to continue his studies with a Level 4 AAT Accountancy apprenticeship.

When asked to sum up his CT Skills experience, Matt explains;

“Smooth, effortless and educational.”