Social Media Measuring and Success- Karis’ Blog

It’s time for another insight into my latest workshop with my Trainer Assessor, Lorna.

This month’s workshop was based on the topic of “Social Media Measuring and Success”.

In this update I’ll be breaking down the subject and explaining how businesses can embed 5 effective rules to improve their social media presence.

Why should you monitor social media analytics?

It’s important to keep track of your business pages analytics for a number of reasons. For example, if your business is conducting a social media campaign, it is vital to view the progress on the campaign to monitor the success (or down fall) of content in relation to the campaign. This includes observing methods such as the amount of likes, comments and shares a post receives, to how many “tap forward/back” motions the company’s Instagram story collates.

Monitoring your company’s social media analytics can also help update the company’s CEO’s/ Directors on the target audience and demographic. To further explain, it’s important to notify the company if the demographic begins to change, whether it is a change in target audience age/gender or common interests. This is important as it means the marketing team should adjust their content to attract in a potential wider demographic as this is an increase in audience interest, sales and promotion.

5 ways to improve strategy-

There are always ways to improve the content your business posts on social media. As a task with Lorna in my workshop, I thought of 5 ways to improve the strategy of posting content on the CT Skill’s Instagram.

1- Increase amount of Instagram stories posted per day.

According to a study by Microsoft, the average human has an attention span of 8 seconds. This is where the story feature becomes extremely helpful to businesses. Whilst Instagram posts are vital and keep a consistent theme going with the social media to keep it relevant, story’s are a great way to inform your audience of news and events in a short, snappy manner that retains their attention whilst successfully getting the message across to the customer.

2- Appealing posts to the gender majority

This may come across as hard to understand. For example, if your demographic is made up of a higher percentage of women rather than men, it’s more cost effective to target your online content to the greater percentage.

So, why not appeal to the minority? Continuing on from my previous example, whilst every business wishes they had a 50/50 demographic for their target audiences gender, this is very rarely the case! Appealing to a minority (e.g the male audience) means the marketing team is posting promotional content and putting the time in for a gender demographic which, as shown in analytics, aren’t as interested in the business as the female side of the target audience.

3- Consistently use a repetitive colour theme

Whether it’s personal or business Instagram accounts, having a consistent timeline theme is enjoyed across the platform. By maintaining a repetitive colour theme, this connotes an organised, aesthetic visual to both past and potential customers. This further encourages the customer to engage with the company’s posts and social media, therefore persuading said customer to interact with CT Skills and use our services.

4- Rethink photo angles

In relation to point no.3, using different photo angles on Instagram posts can freshen up your Instagram feed and keep the audience interested in your content. Rather than posting the same angle of picture every day, uploading landscape pictures in relevance to your business’s location, photos of staff or candid photos of our learners and trainer assessors creates a fun looking feed for customer’s eyes.

5- Tag other businesses in relevant content

When posting images with outside employers, it’s always a good idea to tag their account in the post. By doing this, you receive more attention on the post from not only the employer most likely “liking” and commenting on the post, but encouraging others from the outside company to also like the post. This increases the activity on the post as well as positively increasing the analytics.

The Workshop

Other topics we discussed in the workshop were conversion, investigating each social media’s analytics dashboard, discussing external management tools, ROI (Return on Investment) and my tasks to complete before the next workshop.

In conclusion,  I feel heavily informed on how to monitor CT Skill’s social media and strategies to gain success on the platforms. It’s important to have strategies and plans in place on a Marketing team so that online, your business is successful.

My manager, Sophie Eckersley, stated: “As a Marketing Manager I rely on having a team that not only have current and relevant skills but have a genuine interest in their field of work. Lorna instills a genuine passion in her learners and this has a lasting effect in their day-to-day job role.”

I come out of every workshop feeling increasingly confident about the module and look forward to implementing them in the workplace.