Case Study: “Coming to CT Skills is the best thing I have ever done.”

For many years Rachel Romy from Burton had worked in a local primary school as a Teaching Assistant, where she would support with the early years to reception classes, as well as providing additional on to one help to any children who may require it.

She said;

“I have always loved my job and helping with the children, if I wasn’t assisting with a class I would often help with the midday supervisors during lunch time which I thoroughly enjoyed.”

As the summer holidays were due to begin, Rachel was told by the school she worked at, that she now required both Math’s and English grade C at GCSE or she wouldn’t be able to continue her role in the new school year. Rachel had only 6 weeks to achieve the qualification that she did not manage to pass many years before.

Rachel continued;

“If it wasn’t achieved, I would’ve been left without a job. I frantically searched for my options and came across the Functional Skills qualification with CT Skills Derby. I signed up and although I didn’t want to go, I knew I had to.”

Rachel began the Maths and English qualifications at the beginning of July and even though both courses are 10 weeks, she explained that she had to achieve them in 6 weeks time ahead of the new term.

Functional Skills tutors Richard and Amy were keen to progress Rachel through in less than 10 weeks, so did everything they could to ensure she was ready to sit her first exam after only 5 weeks.

She commented;

“Amy and Rich were amazing, they have been so nice and helpful and I really can’t think of two better tutors to guide me through the course.”

After 5 weeks, Rachel received the results she had longed to hear… she had passed both the Functional Skills qualifications and could continue her role as a Teaching Assistant.

Rachel concluded;

“This is the best thing I have ever done! I used to be someone who hated learning but I now have a new found love in Maths and even help my niece with her homework. I would absolutely recommend Functional Skills to anyone considering it.”

If you are interested in a Functional Skills qualification with CT Skills, then get in touch with the team on 0115 9599 544 or reserve your space online.