Time for a rebrand- Karis’ blog

It’s rebrand week!
CT Skills have wanted to issue a company rebrand for a few months now; the planning process has been intense. The idea was to completely revamp the website to enhance efficiency and engagement and also create modernistic, appealing visuals to interest the audience. We also wanted to modify the colour palette and social media visuals. In reference to the colour palette, we wanted to keep the iconic CT Skills purple but also update the modern, trendy colours we added during our last rebrand.
The result of this was a shiny, new colour palette full of eye catching colours. We created purple, teal, fuchsia, deep orange, light grey, burgundy and more to connote a contemporary vibe with striking influences of stylish, bright colours. We will be incorporating the new colour palette into our graphics and images so keep a look out for the rebrand seeping into our social media!
The marketing team also wanted a refresh on our social media platforms. So, using the new colour palette and ideas from our graphic designer, we have designed new advertising graphics and feature images for our articles. We believe this will give the company a new, fresh facelift and kick start the New Year!
There are also a lot of exciting plans for our social media (especially Instagram) in the works, so keep visiting our platforms if you want to be the first to see of what’s to come.
Our marketing team are hard at work and we can’t wait to show you what we’re creating. This has been fantastic experience for me as an apprentice as I am an active part of a company rebrand which is a huge ongoing project and exciting to be included in.
I can’t wait to see the final result, and we hope you love the new image of CT Skills!