The benefits of achieving English and Maths qualifications

With GCSE Results Day just around the corner, it’s useful to understand the importance of English and Maths qualifications and why it’s more convenient to resit the exam if you don’t get the grades you had hoped for.

So, let’s talk about why those words “C/4 and above” are so important in your career.


When applying for jobs and apprenticeships, the majority of employers want candidates with at least a grade C/4 in maths and English. The reason for this is by having a pass grade in these subjects, it suggests your general capability of the English language and day to day maths equations. The previous examples would be included in most job roles.

Increased chance of being accepted into university-

The likelihood of a student with functional skills qualifications below a C/4 being accepted into university is extremely slim. In the majority of cases, universities require a grade C/4 or above to be accepted onto their courses, with other courses requiring a B/6 and higher, with the occasional course requiring an A/7.

Universities generally tend to look for 4 or more C/4’s when taking on students. These grades reflect your understanding of the subjects you have a higher understanding of.

Your future career-

Undoubtedly, there are career paths out there that you can’t open the gate to unless you have a grade C/4 or above. Whilst you may think, “I bet my career choice won’t need candidates with grades C/4 and above.” Think again!

Below is a list of just a few careers careers who only take on individuals with a grade C/4 or higher-

  • Medicine
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Social Work
  • Nursery and primary school teaching
  • Secondary school teaching

So, now you know the importance of having your functional skill qualifications. If you don’t end up with the GCSE results you’d hoped for, or you’ve never resat them, then we’re here to help!

With our functional skills courses available across our Nottingham and Derby centres, within 6 weeks you can pass your functional skills course and gain the qualifications needed to progress onto a career, college or university.

Visit the short course tab on our website or ring 0115 959 9544 to find out more about our functional skills courses.