Learning valuable lessons: A month into being a Digital Marketing Apprentice

Digital Marketing Apprentice Karis has been with CT Skills for a month now. As promised, she has continued her blog to help inform other people who are interested in not just Digital Marketing apprenticeships, but apprenticeships in general. Carry on reading to find out what she’s been up to recently!

29th July – 2nd August 2019-

I’m now beginning to get into a routine at work. Whilst the tasks are plentiful every day, I am quickly learning to manage my workloads and prioritise more important tasks to the low priority, everyday tasks.

I have begun to understand the tracking methods CT Skills uses, and implement it into my work. I would say this week has been a week of ‘getting used to it’. E.g. I am now working more independently with everyday tasks such as flyer designing, social media and website updating and printing. By gaining more independence and confidence, it has made me work more efficiently and complete a fair few tasks in a day!

I’m proud of my improvement in my job role as it shows my managers can rely on me to back them up on projects and ease their workload when they need a helping hand. Onwards and upwards!

5th-9th August-

This week, I continued adjusting to the daily tasks of the job role. Now I am a month into working at CT Skills, I can perform the tasks efficiently and to a high standard. I have also received constructive criticism in a couple of tasks, but acted upon the advice and amended my mistakes.

In fact, the main lesson I have learnt and progressed from this week is to understand constructive criticism and use it to progress in my work. As I’m new to the business, my manager reviewed a flyer design I had created. Whilst she was generally pleased with the flyer, she noticed a couple of mistakes I had made which didn’t fit in with the brand guideline. She decided to correct the mistakes and forward them on to me to amend the flyer.

I took this as a chance to improve in the areas I lacked in, such as perfecting the branding design or making sure every detail in the flyers was accurate. By recognising the constructive criticism as positive rather than acting offended or in a negative manner, I was able to surpass flaws made and now no longer make the same mistakes in my work. Furthermore, my manager was pleased at my efficiency and ability to take the criticism and see it as an opportunity to edit my work and daily tasks to a higher standard.

In summary, this week I have understood that acknowledging constructive criticism is a gateway to improvement in the workplace, as your peers only wish for you to strive to be your best in the job role.

However, make sure criticism stays constructive with a helpful incentive! If the criticism you are receiving in the workplace isn’t as described above and is directed personally instead of about your work role, this is a form of bullying. Contact your local safeguarding officer if you see negativity directed at you or a co-worker.

I’ll be back with another blog update!

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